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    People Are Using Boob Sheet Masks For "Better" Boobs And It's Too Much

    It's not the breast idea.

    Women have got enough shit to deal with when it comes to bras.

    We've even gone so far as to try to get rid of the bra thing altogether in favor of lace "bralettes," which are still annoying AF.

    And now there's a fresh hell for people with breasts: boob sheet masks.

    Apparently, MULTIPLE COMPANIES decided to market sheet masks — skin care products usually used on the face — to the boob area.

    Basically, boob masks are sheets of fabric that are soaked in liquidy product. They fit around breasts, and many have nipple cutouts. Sexy!

    There's this "haute skin care" option, from the company Bioxidea, which promises to give your breasts an "instant, lifted effect" after 15-30 minutes. YEAH, OKAY.

    MasKingdom has this Pearl & Rose Sexy Charming Lace Breast Mask that is literally lace fabric you can stick to your boobs. Doesn't that sound fun?

    Oh, and just in case you were worried about your boobs being too old, these Golden Collagen Crystal Masks claim to have "anti-aging properties."

    In conclusion: Let our boobs be.