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    This Woman Used Cheetos To Curl Her Hair And I Can't Believe It Legit Worked

    Gives the term "cheese curls" a whooole new meaning.

    Just when I thought curling your hair with random-ass things had reached peak freakiness, I stumbled upon something that even I hadn't seen before, dudes — *inhales deeply to gain inner strength* — setting your strands with Cheetos.

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    YouTuber Bunny Meyer aka grav3yardgirl took one of her commenter's suggestions and went on a mission to achieve ringlets using straight-up cheesy puffs.

    Starting with slightly damp hair, she rolled tiny sections onto the Cheetos and held them in place with bobby pins.

    Half a bag of Cheetos and 45 minutes later, it looked like her hair was holding a bunch of cheese puffs hostage.

    Then, she put her hair under a blow-dryer bonnet thingy for another 45 minutes to set 'em in place.

    Then, she took out the first Cheeto, and holy shit, IT ACTUALLY WORKED.

    And tons of cheese crumbs and (another!) 45 minutes later...

    She ended up with these insane ringlets!

    If you can dream it, you can do it, bbs.

    *snorts line of Cheeto dust, gives thumbs-up*