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This Woman Used Cheetos To Curl Her Hair And I Can't Believe It Legit Worked

Gives the term "cheese curls" a whooole new meaning.

Just when I thought curling your hair with random-ass things had reached peak freakiness, I stumbled upon something that even I hadn't seen before, dudes — *inhales deeply to gain inner strength* — setting your strands with Cheetos.

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YouTuber Bunny Meyer aka grav3yardgirl took one of her commenter's suggestions and went on a mission to achieve ringlets using straight-up cheesy puffs.

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I'm starving.

Starting with slightly damp hair, she rolled tiny sections onto the Cheetos and held them in place with bobby pins.

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Also just a cool way to carry snacks.

Half a bag of Cheetos and 45 minutes later, it looked like her hair was holding a bunch of cheese puffs hostage.

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*sings "Beez in the Trap" using the word "cheese" instead*

Then, she put her hair under a blow-dryer bonnet thingy for another 45 minutes to set 'em in place.

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Mmmm, cooked Cheeto hair bits.

Then, she took out the first Cheeto, and holy shit, IT ACTUALLY WORKED.

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That's one tight-ass cheese curl, girl.

And tons of cheese crumbs and (another!) 45 minutes later...

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She ended up with these insane ringlets!

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Disclaimer: She did say these curls smell like cheese. Heh. Cheese curls.

If you can dream it, you can do it, bbs.

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Double disclaimer: This takes longer than curling your hair with, you know, a regular curling iron so, yeah. DO WITH IT WHAT YOU WILL.

*snorts line of Cheeto dust, gives thumbs-up*

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