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    People Are Now Doing Hand Makeup And It's Actually Mesmerizing

    Because if you don't have the eyebrows you want, you can just draw them on your hand.

    Hand makeup, aka practicing your lit AF skills on your hand before committing to your face, is taking over Instagram.

    We have reached Peak Makeup Addict and it's glorious.

    Are these insanely sharp wings considered hand weapons?

    That cut crease could cut a man.

    Is it weird that I just want to stare at these hands for hours?

    OMG but those Kylie lips, tho.

    Some people need a bigger canvas, so they've moved onto their legs.

    Which is honestly just goals.

    Then there's this incredible Bowie tribute.

    And this art is a great way to tell people how much you need them to shut up.

    We've all learned a very important lesson here today. Be the smokey eye you wish to see in the world.