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Grey Ombré Hair Is The Newest Color Trend And It's Freaking Beautiful

The whole thing is very ~Mermaid goth.~

A little over a year ago, beauty bloggers started the #GrannyHair trend, dyeing their hair* cool shades of silver and grey.

@angexla / Via

*Some people straight up got a wig or extensions to avoid damaging their hair in the process.

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And now, friends, we have been blessed with the ~updated~ trend: Grey ombré hair.

@ritasbeautybar / Via

It's a business on the top, edgy on the bottom kind of situation.

If ever there were a hair category for goth mermaids, this would be it.

@harajukuhairandmakeup / Via

Some badass ladies are going for ombré braids.

@kvkvs / Via

While others are spending ca$h money on wigs to get the look.

@lorenfroggatt1 / Via

Honestly, it is beautiful as hell and perfect for people with naturally dark hair who want to experiment with coloring.

Here's to another cool AF hair color trend to try!

@schrodingersvagina / Via

P.S. If you're curious about how to get grey hair, read this post.

H/T Popsugar