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35 TV Episodes That Are Absolutely Perfect From Start To Finish

"'The Fight' from Parks and Rec is such an ensemble masterpiece."

We recently asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us which TV episodes they think are perfect. Here are some of our favorite responses:

There are some spoilers ahead!

1. "The Fight" from Parks and Rec.


"The episode is such an ensemble masterpiece. It's perfect from beginning to end, but the part when they are all drunkenly talking to camera is exceptionally amazing. It’s even great right down to Jean-Ralphio getting the rhymes wrong."


2. "Blink" from Doctor Who.


"Honestly, one of the greatest episodes of Doctor Who ever. It perfectly introduces us to the Weeping Angels and the entire episode has a sense of urgency. I love it."


3. "HalloVeen" from Brooklyn Nine-Nine.


"The Halloween heists are always the best episodes, but 'HalloVeen' is next-level. Jake's proposal to Amy is so genuine and was such a surprise."


4. "The Box" from Brooklyn Nine-Nine.


"Not many shows can pull of this very isolated story, but Brooklyn Nine-Nine did. The writing, acting, and everything else is so well done that it’s easily one of my favorite episodes ever. The whole time you know Sterling K. Brown's character did it, but the climax of the episode is still so perfect."


5. "Pilot" from This Is Us.


"Every scene in this episode is extremely captivating. The episode allows you to fall in love with these complex characters only to reveal that they're all one family. It's genius."


6. "Season 2, Episode 1" from Fleabag.

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"I tend to refer to this show as perfect, but there’s probably not a better example of its perfection than the first episode of Season 2. The episode manages to catch you up with Season 1, introduce a major new character, lay the groundwork for how the season will progress, all while being contained in the restaurant. I was left in awe of Phoebe Waller-Bridge after I watched it for the first time."


7. "Season 2, Episode 6" from Fleabag.

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"Season 2 of Fleabag is a work of art, but the series finale is next-level. You'll laugh, you'll cry, and you'll lust after a priest! As much as I want more episodes, it would be criminal to make more after the perfect finale."


8. "The One Where Everybody Finds Out" from Friends.


"This episode is a masterpiece. The comedic timing between all of the actors is next-level and it's also an episode that has a lot of heart. I love it."


9. "Janet(s)" from The Good Place.


"This is an incredible episode of television. It has amazing performances by everyone, but especially D'Arcy Carden. I still cannot believe D'Arcy didn't get an Emmy nomination for it because it's a perfect episode from start to finish, and it's all because of her."


10. "As We Know It" from Grey's Anatomy.


"Easily one of the biggest and most memorable episodes of Grey's. Not only is the dialogue a perfect example of Shonda Rhimes' talent, but each acting performance is next-level."


11. "The Body" from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

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"It’s the best hour of television I have ever seen. Everyone’s acting is spot-on. The lack of music was a brilliant decision and it captured so perfectly what the first hours after a loved one’s death is like."


12. "Once More With Feeling" from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

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"This is truly an amazing episode of television that definitely lived up to the expectations. Not only are the musical moments phenomenal, but it's a great episode of the series without it as well. It perfectly encapsulates the entire Buffy universe, complete with humor and drama."


13. "Free Churro" from BoJack Horseman.


"The whole episode is a eulogy and I wasn’t sure if the format was going to work well, but honestly it’s so captivating to watch BoJack basically come to terms with his abusive mom in this speech. It’s brilliant."


14. "The Dinner Party" from The Office.


"It's just a quintessential Office episode from start to finish. It's so funny and keeps getting better and better as the episode progresses. Definitely one of the show's best episodes ever."


15. "The Battle of Starcourt" from Stranger Things.


"Season 3 was an amazing season, but this season finale was next-level. The episode amazingly brought together every storyline and included action and heart. Talk about a perfect way to get people excited for next season."


16. "San Junipero" from Black Mirror.


"In my opinion, this episode of Black Mirror really put the show on the map. It's such an important episode of TV for the LGBTQ community and it's perfect from beginning to end."


17. "It's Summer and We're Running Out of Ice" from Watchmen.


"It's just nuts how perfect this episode was. I don't know what I was expecting, but definitely not this. Regina King is a force and the episode builds upon the comic books in such a unique and important way."


18. "Connection Lost" from Modern Family.


"This episode is so funny and so genius. Having the entire episode take place from Claire's computer is so brilliant."


19. "Episode 2" from Unbelievable.


"This episode shows the contrast between of a thorough investigation with a competent, compassionate detective and what happened to Marie in the first episode. Not only is Merritt Weaver's performance amazing, but the directing for this episode is a masterpiece. Episode 1 frames Marie as small or below others, but Episode 2 always shows the detective and the victim as equals. Genius!"


20. "Swan Song" from Supernatural.

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"The episode was originally supposed to be the final episode of the show, so they really went all out. It's dramatic, emotional, and incredibly well-written. If the show did end here, it would have been a fantastic final episode."


21. "Meet the Parents" from Schitt's Creek.

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"From start to finish it’s funny, but also so emotional. Watching David come out to his parents even though he's been out to us as an audience for a while is still so moving."


22. "Ozymandias" from Breaking Bad.


"'Ozymandias' might be the best example of a perfect episode of television. The tension is turned up to an 11 the entire episode. You completely feel Walt's descent into darkness as he struggles to stay on the moral high ground while his empire crumbles to pieces."


23. "The Bent-Neck Lady" from The Haunting of Hill House.


"Nell's entire story in this episode is incredibly haunting. I love the reveal of the Bent-Neck Lady, but also the cinematography is genius. One of the best episodes of TV in a long time."


24. "Two Storms" from The Haunting of Hill House.


"The whole episode is just five long takes, and it's brilliant. The cinematography is perfect and the story is magnificent. The show's ability to move between past and present is flawless and it's a perfect hour of TV."


25. "Thanksgiving" from Master of None.


"Not only is the episode brilliant in terms of how Denise's coming out is structured, but it does a great job at depicting the strong love between mothers and daughters. Lena Waithe is a powerhouse in this episode."


26. "Battle of the Bastards" from Game of Thrones.


"It's one of the greatest episodes in television history and doesn't disappoint. Not only is it cinematically beautifully, but it's an incredibly important episode for the show overall. 10/10 amazing."


27. "You Jump, I Jump, Jack" from Gilmore Girls.

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"Not only do you have the perfect introduction to the Life and Death Brigade, but you have an amazing Rory and Logan episode and Luke's first Friday Night Dinner. Everything about this episode is perfectly Gilmore Girls and I love it."


28. "Two Cathedrals" from The West Wing.


"This show had so many amazing episodes, but this one was perfection from start to finish. It's a flawless hour of TV that includes an amazing speech by Jed, which is partially in Latin."


29. "Return to Murder House" from American Horror Story: Apocalypse.


"This episode was absolutely perfect for longtime AHS fans. It truly shows what makes this show amazing. The characters, writing, and cinematography are all incredible. Plus, Sarah Paulson directed it and she did a phenomenal job."


30. "A Priest Walks Into a Bar" from Lucifer.


"It's truly one of the greatest episodes of the entire series. What I love about it is that it shows Lucifer's vulnerable side for the first time. I think the juxtaposition between Father Lawrence and Lucifer is perfect and it shows how alike we all truly are."


31. "With Tired Eyes, Tired Minds, Tired Souls, We Slept" from One Tree Hill.

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"It's such a heart-wrenching episode from start to finish. It tackles this sensitive subject in such a perfect way that I think no other show has been able to do. It's an emotional episode of TV for sure."


32. "The Suitcase" from Mad Men.


"The episode always makes me cry no matter how many times I watch it. To see Don break down, knowing he'll never again get to see or speak to one of the few people who actually knew the real him is heartbreaking. The episode is full of closure and peace and is very beautiful."


33. "A Scandal in Belgravia" from Sherlock.


"I’ve seen this episode a dozen times and still get chills every time I watch it. It's not only a brilliant episode, but it's a perfect beginning to an incredible season."


34. "Ronny/Lily" from Barry.


"'Ronny/Lily' is the definition of a perfect episode of television. Not only does Bill Hader star in the episode, but he also wrote it and directed it. It's a flawless piece of television."


35. And finally, "The Constant" from Lost.


"Desmond and Penny are easily two of the best characters ever, and this episode just proves it. It's a basic episode of Lost, but man, does it pack a punch. It's perfect all around."


Which episodes of TV do you think are perfect? Tell us in the comments below!

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Some submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.