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    18 Tweets About The Premiere Of HBO's "Watchmen" That You Can Read Before Or After Watching

    "The pilot episode of Watchmen is astonishing. Confidently mysterious, stellar visuals and soundtrack, excellent casting. I’m all in on this show."


    Watchmen has always been about twisted versions of Golden Age superheroes we've come to love. So the episode opens up with a twisted Superman origin story of a baby discovered from the ashes of the Tulsa massacre. Tulsa is Krypton, a utopia that came to an end. #WatchmenHBO


    The pilot episode for @watchmen is astonishing. Confidently mysterious, stellar visuals and soundtrack, excellent casting. I’m all in on this show.


    White society never talks about the 1921 race massacre in Tulsa, and #WatchmenHBO is like "Our whole fucking show begins there, motherfucker."


    didn’t know HBO’s Watchmen opened with a dramatization of the Tulsa massacre and well it is one of the most upsetting things I’ve seen all year


    Some context for the opening scenes of #WatchmenHBO


    #WatchmenHBO is a blessing and OH MY GOD DID ANYONE SEE THIS PARALLEL?!?! The piece of red in the left eye?!?


    Here's another tidbit if you just saw @watchmen. Bass Reeves, the Sherriff that was depicted in the old movie in the beginning, was also real. He is who the Lone Ranger is based on. #WatchmenHBO


    People not knowing about #BlackWallStreet until seeing the new Watchmen episode is a good example of the US educational system working just like it's supposed to. It's amazing to me that people think the mythology they're taught in school is actual US history.


    Out of Context #WatchmenHBO spoilers. #Watchmen


    WATCHMEN is the best pilot I've seen in ages. Lindelof & co have confidently crafted a semi-sequel that vitally updates key concerns of the graphic novel without feeling deferential. It is BLADE RUNNER 2049 to BLADE RUNNER and I mean that as the highest compliment. I'm hooked.


    You know you have good cinematographer when a Black woman in a black mask and a black coat is running across a field at night and you can see her facial expressions CLEARLY. #WatchmenHBO #SisterNight


    I bet y'all thought HBO was going to give y'all a nice little adaptation of #Watchmen, have a couple superheros in costume and watch a giant squid. Y'all weren't expecting a history lesson in white supremacy, racism in America and atoning for the sins of the past #WatchmenHBO


    Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross did what the fuck they needed to do on this soundtrack. The '80s industrial vibe feels both retro and futuristic. Feels like time folding in on itself, which is one of my favorite things technical aspects of the original #WatchmenHBO graphic novel.


    Because of #WatchmenHBO, the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre had a massive spike in searches on Google. The flat line was right before 9PM, until the show premiered.


    Visual of my brain trying to explain this episode..... To myself. #WatchmenHBO



    #WatchmenHBO episode one spoilers without context.


    The pilot for #WatchmenHBO does exactly what it's supposed to do. It introduces you to intriguing characters familiar and new, sets the stage for the world these characters live in, and leaves you asking "what the fuck?" Ready to clock in for more.