31 Moments That Prove "The One Where Everybody Finds Out" Is The Best "Friends" Episode

    "They don't know that we know they know we know."

    1. First, when Phoebe spotted Monica and Chandler together for the first time and had this priceless reaction.

    2. When Phoebe just couldn't look at Chandler and Monica having sex anymore.

    3. And then, when Rachel told Phoebe to stop screaming because Ross didn't know.

    4. When Rachel and Phoebe tried to distract Ross from seeing Chandler and Monica.

    5. And then, when Ross started jumping with Rachel and Phoebe and was blissfully unaware.

    6. When Phoebe pieced together all of the lies Monica and Chandler had been telling in order to see each other.

    7. When Joey was tired of keeping everyone's secrets and accidentally spilled his own.

    8. When Phoebe tried to seduce Chandler and squeezed his bicep.

    9. And then, when Phoebe messed with Chandler and said that she had a crush on him.

    10. When Phoebe and Rachel got back at Monica and Chandler by actually giving them laundry to do.

    11. When Ross sent Ugly Naked Guy the smallest gift.

    12. When Monica realized that Phoebe knew about her and Chandler.

    13. When Chandler and Monica decided to mess with Phoebe and Rachel after they found out that they knew.

    14. When Chandler called Phoebe and asked her to come over.

    15. When Phoebe and Rachel realized that Chandler and Monica knew that they found out about them.

    16. When Phoebe said she was excited to sleep with Chandler.

    17. When Ugly Naked Guy had a naked friend and it was Ross.

    18. When Phoebe strolled through the perfume while getting ready for her "date" with Chandler.

    19. When Monica didn't care about how far Chandler went because she didn't want to lose.

    20. When Chandler and Phoebe chugged all of their wine.

    21. When Phoebe hysterically danced for Chandler.

    22. When Phoebe suggested that Chandler rub lotion all over her.

    23. And then, when they both freaked out over what was going to happen.

    24. When Joey decided to help Phoebe and Rachel by revealing Chandler's weakness.

    25. When Chandler was ready to have "all the sex."

    26. When Chandler and Phoebe were getting ready to kiss.

    27. And then, when they actually kissed.

    28. When Chandler revealed that he couldn't have sex with Phoebe because he was in love with Monica.

    29. And then, when Monica and Chandler said "I love you" to each other for the first time.

    30. When Joey finally thought he was done keeping secrets, but Ross still didn't know.

    31. And finally, when Ross spotted Monica and Chandler together in the end.

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