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    "The Good Place" Was Forkin' Amazing This Week And I Need To Talk About It

    "Let D'Arcy Carden host the Oscars."

    🚨Spoiler alert: Our timeline isn't a Jeremy Bearimy, so if you didn't watch last night's episode, "Janet(s)," you should go do that before you read this. 🚨

    Holy forking shirtballs, my mind is still reeling over the excellence of this week's The Good Place episode which I 1000% was not ready for even though the cast and writers teased the hell out of it:

    Watch the The Good Place tonight. I’m serious. Watch The Good Place tonight. No joke. It’s a special one. And not in that Jessie-Spano-took-too-many-diet-pills kinda’s a different kinda special. #TheGoodPlace

    Dare I say it really is in contention for the best episode yet?

    Tonight's new episode of #TheGoodPlace might be our BEST episode of all time???????? It's at LEAST in the top 36. 8:30 pm on NBC!

    So, the episode picked up where we left off — with the gang in Janet's void. But, instead of looking like themselves, Eleanor, Chidi, Tahani, and Jason all manifested as Janets instead — meaning D'Arcy Carden played every main character except Michael in the forkin' episode.


    Let me break it down, just so we do not underestimate the masterclass in acting that D'Arcy pulled off. She played Jason:

    NBC / Via

    She played Chidi:

    NBC / Via

    She played Eleanor:

    NBC / Via

    She played Tahani:


    She played Eleanor-As-Janet-Pretending-To-Be-Jason-As-Janet:

    She played Jason-As-Janet-Pretending-To-Be-Eleanor-As-Janet and gave us the phrase, ARIZONA SHRIMP HORNY:

    She played Chidi-As-Janet-Kissing-Eleanor-As-Janet:


    (Oh, yeah, uhhhh...burying the lede a little but, CHIDI AND ELEANOR KISSED and it basically saved the universe or whatever.)

    She even neutrally played neutral Janet:

    Existence's Best Boss? Neutral Janet isn't buying it. #TheGoodPlace

    I'm not forkin' kidding around when I say this EPISODE WAS PERFECT. Even Stephen Merchant was there!!!!

    It was a little bit like this...

    Or this!

    Basically, it was completely genius.


    Of course, the brilliant episode gave people some brilliant ideas:

    let D’Arcy Carden host the Oscars

    Heck, let them all do it!

    What if the entire cast of The Good Place hosts the Oscars, in character

    And, forget the Oscars, D'Arcy Carden needs ALL THE EMMYS:

    Me after last night's #TheGoodPlace @DarcyCarden

    And, if all that brilliance wasn't enough, in true Good Place fashion, there was a MAJOR cliffhanger — and it appears they've FINALLY landed in The Good Place.


    We won't get another new episode until January (aka next year!), but this has given me enough material to sustain me until 2019.

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