33 Reasons "The Dinner Party" Is The Best Episode Of "The Office"

    "It has sort of an oaky afterbirth."

    It's a fact that "The Dinner Party" is the best episode of The Office. Don't agree with me? Here are 33 moments that prove just how good it is:

    1. When Dwight was completely unbothered by not being invited to Michael's dinner party:

    2. When Jan put Pam in her place:

    3. When Jim and Pam were super confused:

    4. When Jan continued to hate on Pam:

    5. When Jim was trapped in the candle room:

    6. When Michael did his Sean Connery impression:

    7. And when Jan had enough:

    8. When Michael forgot to put away the sex-tape camera:

    9. When Jim and Pam REALLY wanted to leave:

    10. When Michael showed off his new plasma TV:

    11. And then he revealed how to make more space in the room when a lot of people are over:

    12. When Michael revealed his favorite activity:

    13. When Michael said he'd help Pam set up her TiVo, but Jan wasn't having any of it:

    14. When Angela turned down Michael's greeting:

    15. When Andy gave Angela a single flower:

    16. When Jan waited until her guests arrived before starting dinner:

    17. When Michael was a sommelier:

    18. When Jan danced to Hunter's music like this:

    19. When everyone ganged up on Pam:

    20. When Jim felt realllllly uncomfortable:

    21. When everyone played charades:

    22. When things got reallllllllllllllllllllly awkward:

    23. When Dwight brought two wine glasses and his babysitter to the party:

    24. When Michael revealed too much information about his three vasectomies:

    25. When Pam had a good reason to not eat her dinner:

    26. When Michael had soft teeth:

    27. When Jim wanted to get dirt on Dwight:

    28. When Michael mentioned that he's a screenwriter:

    29. When Michael said he'd burn one of Jan's candles and be her first customer:

    30. When Jan threw a Dundie at Michael's TV:

    31. When Jim and Pam mocked Michael and Jan for calling each other "babe" the whole night:

    32. When Andy tried to have some of Angela's ice cream:

    33. And when Dwight made his old babysitter take the bus home:

    I rest my case.