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    37 TV Episodes That Are So Perfect, People Still Think About Them To This Day

    The Season 2 finale of Fleabag is a masterpiece.

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us which TV episodes are brilliant and pretty perfect. Here are some of the best responses:

    🚨Warning: There are MASSIVE spoilers ahead!🚨

    1. "The Bent-Neck Lady" from The Haunting of Hill House

    Nell reuniting with her family at Hill and then Nell has the Bent-Neck Lady

    "Nell's entire story in this episode is incredibly haunting. I love the reveal of the Bent-Neck Lady, but also the cinematography is genius. One of the best episodes of TV in a long time."


    Where you can find the episode: Episode 5

    2. "Two Storms" from The Haunting of Hill House

    Hugh looking at his kids as children and then seeing them as adults

    "The whole episode is just five long takes, and it's brilliant. The cinematography is perfect and the story is magnificent. The show's ability to move between past and present is flawless and it's a perfect hour of TV."


    Where you can find the episode: Episode 6

    3. "Season 2, Episode 6" from Fleabag

    Fleabag telling the Priest that she loves him and the Priest saying he loves her too before leaving
    Amazon Prime Video

    "Season 2 of Fleabag is a work of art, but the series finale is next-level. You'll laugh, you'll cry, and you'll lust after a priest! As much as I want more episodes, it would be criminal to make more after the perfect finale."


    Where to find the episode: Season 2, Episode 6

    4. "It's Summer and We're Running Out of Ice" from Watchmen

    Angela telling Judd that she has a "nose for white supremacy and he smells like bleach"

    "It's just nuts how perfect this episode was. I don't know what I was expecting, but definitely not this. Regina King is a force and the episode builds upon the comic books in such a unique and important way."


    Where you can find the episode: Episode 1

    5. "Janet(s)" from The Good Place

    Janet as Chidi, Eleanor, and Tahani talking and then Janet as Jason saying they can now say "white people things"

    "This is an incredible episode of television. It has amazing performances by everyone, but especially D'Arcy Carden. I still cannot believe D'Arcy didn't get an Emmy nomination for it because it's a perfect episode from start to finish, and it's all because of her."


    Where to find the episode: Season 3, Episode 9

    6. "Meet the Parents" from Schitt's Creek

    Patrick coming out to his parents and saying that David makes him happy
    Pop / CBC

    "From start to finish it’s funny, but also so emotional. Watching Patrick come out to his parents even though he's been out to us as an audience for a while is still so moving."


    Where to find the episode: Season 5, Episode 11

    7. "Singles Week" from Schitt's Creek

    Ted confessing his love for Alexis and then kissing her at a Singles Week event
    Pop / CBC

    "This episode shows so much character growth for David, David and Patrick's relationship, and for Alexis and Ted! You get to cheer for Alexis and Ted and you get to see the friendship that Moira and Johnny have with Roland and Jocelyn. I cried like three times and it was a perfect episode!"


    Where to find the episode: Season 4, Episode 12

    8. "Silent All These Years" from Grey's Anatomy

    The women of Grey Sloan lining the hallway as a sexual assault survivor is taken to surgery

    "It was beautiful and heartbreaking. I sat for two hours sobbing afterwards. It hit some parts of my heart and made me feel proud to me a woman today and to be able to see the beauty that can happen from pure kindness. It was perfect."


    Where to find the episode: Season 15, Episode 19

    9. "The Constant" from Lost

    Desmond on the phone with Penny saying that he loves her and will come back to her

    "Desmond and Penny are easily two of the best characters ever, and this episode just proves it. It's a basic episode of Lost, but man, does it pack a punch. It's perfect all around."


    Where to find the episode: Season 4, Episode 5

    10. "Swan Song" from Supernatural

    Dean saying, "Sammy. It's okay. I'm here. I'm not gonna leave you"
    The CW

    "The episode was originally supposed to be the final episode of the show, so they really went all out. It's dramatic, emotional, and incredibly well-written. If the show did end here, it would have been a fantastic final episode."


    Where to find the episode: Season 5, Episode 22

    11. "Part Four" from When They See Us

    Korey weeping and saying, "Nobody gives a fuck about me! Nobody gives a fuck about me"

    "It’s a hard watch, but that final episode of When They See Us, the episode based around Korey Wise’s story, is one of the greatest TV episodes of all time. So many emotions watching that one."


    Where to find the episode: Episode 4

    12. "Everyone's Waiting" from Six Feet Under

    Claire driving in her car and crying and Ruth dying in the hospital

    "The Six Feet Under finale is not only an incredible episode, but it is still the most perfect ending to a series that I’ve ever seen."


    Where to find the episode: Season 5, Episode 12

    13. "Vincent and the Doctor" from Doctor Who

    Dr. Black explaining why Vincent Van Gogh became one of the best artists and how his art mattered, while Vincent listens and cries

    "'Blink' is a great and memorable episode of Doctor Who, but 'Vincent and the Doctor' is by far the best. It's such a powerfully emotional, beautiful, and incredible piece of television. I cry just thinking about that episode."


    Where to find the episode: Season 5, Episode 10

    14. "HalloVeen" from Brooklyn Nine-Nine

    Amy reading the belt and Jake surprising her by proposing

    "The Halloween heists are always the best episodes, but 'HalloVeen' is next-level. Jake's proposal to Amy is so genuine and was such a surprise."


    Where to find the episode: Season 5, Episode 4

    15. "The Box" from Brooklyn Nine-Nine


    "Not many shows can pull off this very isolated story, but Brooklyn Nine-Nine did. The writing, acting, and everything else is so well done that it’s easily one of my favorite episodes ever. The whole time, you know Sterling K. Brown's character did it, but the climax of the episode is still so perfect."


    Where to find the episode: Season 5, Episode 14

    16. "The Body" from Buffy the Vampire Slayer

    Buffy finding her mom's body on the couch and saying, "Mom? Mom? Mommy?"
    Warner Bros.

    "It’s the best hour of television I have ever seen. Everyone’s acting is spot-on. The lack of music was a brilliant decision and it captured so perfectly what the first hours after a loved one’s death is like."


    Where to find the episode: Season 5, Episode 16

    17. "Hush" from Buffy the Vampire Slayer

    Warner Bros.

    "'Hush' from Buffy the Vampire Slayer is phenomenal. Almost an entire episode with no dialogue, and Buffy and Riley each find out who the other really is. It's so great and one of the strongest of the series."


    Where to find the episode: Season 4, Episode 10

    18. "Remedial Chaos Theory" from Community

    Troy walking back into the apartment with pizza and seeing everything on fire

    "There's a reason why it's the best sitcom episode of all time. In just 20 minutes, the audience is transported to various different timelines all varying from which member of the study group has to get the pizza for the party. We get to see the different dynamics between the characters (some combinations we are familiar with and some surprises along the way) and their role in a group. This episode is brilliantly written: A high concept executed perfectly, swings between the batshit crazy to the heartwarming simplicity the show is known for, and sheds a new light on this lovable group of misfits."


    Where to find the episode: Season 3, Episode 4

    19. "100" from Criminal Minds

    Hotch weeping and clutching Haley's body

    "This is such an amazing episode. I get chills and sob every time I watch it."


    Where to find the episode: Season 5, Episode 9

    20. "Free Churro" from BoJack Horseman

    BoJack giving the eulogy at his mom's funeral and saying now that she's gone there's no one looking out for him anymore

    "The whole episode is a eulogy and I wasn’t sure if the format was going to work well, but honestly it’s so captivating to watch BoJack basically come to terms with his abusive mom in this speech. It’s brilliant."


    Where to find the episode: Season 5, Episode 6

    21. "The Son" from Friday Night Lights

    Matt sobbing and saying he hated hating his father and that he wants to be a good person

    "It's so freakin' heartbreaking. I sob every single time."


    Where to find the episode: Season 4, Episode 5

    22. "Hyde Park Corner" from The Crown

    Churchill invoking "God Save the Queen"

    "The gravity of what it means to be Queen was perfectly depicted in this episode. I think it's one of the best of the entire series."


    Where to find the episode: Season 1, Episode 2

    23. "...said I'm sorry" from Never Have I Ever

    Devi crying and apologizing to her mom and her mom saying that Devi is her "whole family"

    "It's such a sweet episode and I really wasn't expecting to get so emotional over it. It just proved this show has such potential if this was the Season 1 finale."


    Where to find the episode: Season 1, Episode 10

    24. "Mizumono" from Hannibal

    Hannibal saying he forgives Will before slitting Abigail's throat

    "I liked the whole episode from start to finish. The other finales are amazing, but this is next level. Hannibal deserves a lot of love."


    Where to find the episode: Season 2, Episode 13

    25. "Self Control" from Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

    Daisy asking Simmons what did she just see and is Fitz dead and Simmons saying that it wasn't really him

    "This episode was perfectly executed from start to finish. You have action, you have suspense, you have a little bit of romance. For most of the episode, you’re rooting for Fitz and Simmons to get out until you realize that one of them is actually an LMD. The heartbreak from the reveal leads to Simmons and Daisy having to make a thrilling and dangerous escape from their base. It’s truly the best episode of the show and sets up the rest of the season in an exciting way."


    Where to find the episode: Season 4, Episode 15

    26. "End Game" from The Queen's Gambit

    Beth looking at the chessboard while playing Borgov

    "I honestly think this entire limited series qualifies as a perfect season of TV, but if I had to pick just one episode, it has to be the finale. Everything comes together for this final episode and Anya Taylor-Joy is simply amazing in it. Watching Beth triumph is truly one of the best things I've seen on TV recently."


    Where to find the episode: Episode 7

    27. "The Winds of Winter" from Game of Thrones

    Lyanna saying, "He’s my king from this day until his last day"

    "I always thought 'The Winds of Winter' was one of the best episodes of any show ever to air on TV. The score in particular was brilliant."


    Where to find the episode: Season 6, Episode 10

    28. "And Salt the Earth Behind You" from Euphoria

    Rue dancing and singing

    "If we’re making this list, can I add the Season 1 finale of Euphoria? Damn, it's amazing from start to finish."


    Where to find the episode: Season 1, Episode 8

    29. "Out of Gas" from Firefly

    Mal explaining to Zoë that with this ship they can get a crew and not have to answer to anybody ever again

    "Has the whole world forgotten the genius of Firefly? 'Out of Gas' is one of my favorite episodes of TV ever. I love how it gives the backstory to how each crew member ended up joining the ship."


    Where to find the episode: Season 1, Episode 5

    30. "ronny/lily" from Barry


    "When I first watched 'ronny/lily,' I stopped and thought to myself, 'This episode is a special one and it better get the recognition it deserves.' And then it got Bill Hader an Emmy Award. Even while watching it, I knew I was watching one of the most epic TV episodes ever!"


    Where to find the episode: Season 2, Episode 5

    31. "START" from The Americans

    Paige standing on the train platform and Elizabeth seeing her through the window

    "The series finale of The Americans was also just such good television."


    Where to find the episode: Season 6, Episode 10

    32. "The Fight" from Parks and Rec

    Leslie, Ann, Ben, Ron, Andy, April, and everyone else after drinking Snake Juice

    "The episode is such an ensemble masterpiece. It's perfect from beginning to end, but the part when they are all drunkenly talking to camera is exceptionally amazing. It’s even great right down to Jean-Ralphio getting the rhymes wrong."


    Where to find the episode: Season 3, Episode 13

    33. "Bad Blood" from The X-Files

    Mulder saying he can't wait to hear Scully's opinion and Scully saying it couldn't be vampires because they don't exist

    "It’s a standalone episode of comedy gold. The he said/she said allowed David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson to stretch their comedic chops. It was hilariously perfect from beginning to end and a nice break from the dark mythology-heavy episodes."


    Where to find the episode: Season 5, Episode 12

    34. "Quinces" from One Day at a Time

    Elena crying and everyone getting up to slow dance with her

    "One Day at a Time has delivered a ton of memorable and important episodes, but somehow I always come back to the Season 1 finale and how it hit me right in the feels, especially when everyone danced with Elena after Victor left her quinceañera. The episode showcases everything that makes this show so special: incredible comedy, heartbreaking moments, and found family."


    Where to find the episode: Season 1, Episode 13

    35. "The Suitcase" from Mad Men

    Don crying and telling Peggy, "Somebody very important to me died. The only person in the world who really knew me" and Peggy saying, "That's not true"

    "One of the few episodes where Don displays emotion and is vulnerable with actual other people around, and it always makes me cry. To see Don lose it, knowing he'll never again get to see or speak to one of the few people who actually knew him, is heartbreaking, but the episode is full of closure and peace. It's very beautiful."


    Where to find the episode: Season 4, Episode 7

    36. "Ozymandias" from Breaking Bad

    Hank telling Walt that they made up their mind ten minutes ago

    "'Ozymandias' might be a perfect episode of television. The tension is turned up to 11 the entire time. Creator Vince Gilligan lets you truly feel Walt’s descent into darkness, as he struggles to stay on the moral high ground, as his empire crumbles to pieces. 'Look upon my works, and despair' really is a perfect caption for a perfect hour of television."


    Where to find the episode: Season 5, Episode 14

    37. And finally, "Two Cathedrals" from The West Wing

    Jed in the cathedral talking to God about how it's unfair Mrs. Landingham died and what more can he possibly do to be on God's good side

    "The West Wing had a lot of really, really, really great episodes but 'Two Cathedrals' takes the cake. President Bartlet's Latin monologue at the end will give you chills."


    Where to find the episode: Season 2, Episode 22

    We can't fit every episode on one list, so what other episodes of TV are perfect to you? Tell us in the comments below!

    Some submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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