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May 2013
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    cdv102 commented on 35 TV Episodes That Are Absolutely Perfect From Start To Finish

    "Hush" from Buffy the Vampire Slayer is phenomenal. Almost an entire episode with no dialogue, and Buffy and Riley each find out who the other really is. So great. "Hold the Door" from Game of Thrones. The reveal of how Hodor got his name is just heartbreaking and the whole episode… 

    11 months ago

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    cdv102 commented on 59 Broadway Songs That Will Devastate You

    I would have picked "All the Wasted Time" from Parade over "It Don't Make Sense." I mean, this unlikely married couple who seemed almost like strangers finally realize they love each other and that they've wasted years...right before tragedy strikes.

    5 years ago

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    cdv102 commented on What's Your Favorite Moment From All 10 Seasons Of "Friends?"

    "You're over me? When were you . . . under me?"

    6 years ago

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    cdv102 commented on The 33 Most Romantic No. 1 Hits

    Careless Whisper is also not romantic. Great song, but it's about a man feeling guilty that he cheated on someone he supposedly loved.

    7 years ago

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