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    Drew Barrymore Opened Up About Bathing Her Kids "Five To Six Days" A Week And How People Should Pause The Bathing Debate

    "I'm a five-day-a-weeker with a possible sixth day."

    Drew Barrymore is adding her thoughts to the celebrity bathing debacle.

    Drew smiling as she sits on the couch on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon

    In case you need a refresher, this very specific (and stinky) facet of celebrity culture arose when Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher went viral for saying they only bathe their kids when they "see dirt on them...otherwise there's no point."

    So, back to Drew. Speaking to Entertainment Tonight, she shared that she requires her daughters — 7-year-old Frankie and 8-year-old Olive — to bathe daily Monday through Friday. But on weekends, she's a "little more relaxed."

    "I'm just looking for balance," she said. "For me, I'm like, 'You were at school all day.' Not in the last two years [because of COVID], but when they were, I'm like, 'Bath every night.' Absolutely. On the weekends, it's like, 'You're in the salty ocean. Who cares? You're fine.' I guess I'm a five-day-a-weeker with a possible sixth day. Five to six days a week."

    In addition to opening up about the bathing routine for her kids, Drew explained that she doesn't think the whole debate is a big deal.

    "These are not necessarily the things I would really flip out on people about right now with everything going on," she continued. "Hey, you know what? Maybe people need a break. If this is the hot debate, I think people just need a break."