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    19 Useful Things Our Readers Swear Make Adulting A Little Bit Easier

    Because we can all use all the help we can get.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community for the best products and tips to make being an adult a little easier, and here are some of the results!

    1. A sunscreen you will actually want to wear everyday, because it's important to protect your skin.


    "You’d think with me being a ginger I would’ve been more aware of the dangers of the sun, but it wasn’t until my grandmother died of skin cancer that I really started to take my skin care seriously. Sunscreen. Every. Single. Day. It’s become part of my morning routine."


    One BuzzFeeder swears by Glossier's Invisible Shield (SPF 35) — it's a serum sunscreen, which means it's an incredibly lightweight water-based gel that smoothly glides onto your skin. Get it from Glossier for $25.

    2. The book (and blog, and podcast) Ask A Manager by Alison Green — it'll prepare you to deal with all sorts of situations you encounter ~in the work world~.

    Ballantine Books

    "The blog's is an amazing resource to anyone entering the work world or for anyone who has issues at their job (or maybe you don't but you might later so this gets you prepared now). I've learned so much, especially how to work well with coworkers!"


    Get her book on Amazon for $9.59.

    3. A simple folder, accordion file, or document box to keep all of your important papers safe and easy to find.,

    "When you're done with college get your birth certificate, Social Security card, passport, car title, and insurance info and put it all together in a folder and then make 3 copies of each and leave one copy with your parents or someone you trust. That way when you move around, need to renew your drivers license, or go out of country, you have all of your documentation. And god forbid, if you lose any of it, you have a copy with someone. It also mentally makes you feel adult, having your life documents in YOUR possession rather than a family members."


    Get one of the colorful accordion file folders for $7.99+ (eight colors) or one of the bigger file boxes for $17.99, both on Amazon.

    4. A sunrise alarm clock that just might be the ultimate way to calmly wake up each and every morning — they even help some people wake up before the alarm goes off.,

    "I hate mornings."


    Get one with 3.6/5 stars on Amazon for $19.99. Or one with 3.9/5 stars on Amazon — I've used this model and like it for its sunset feature to help you fall asleep, plus its gradual wake-up sunrise — for $99.99.

    5. An access flosser, if your dentist keeps encouraging you to floss but you hate actually doing it. And gentle interdental brushes if you have a permanent bottom retainer (or braces) and find floss threaders annoying AF.,

    "They look like a toothbrush handle where you snap on disposable floss heads. I hate regular flossing — floss cutting into my fingers, getting drool all over my chin and hands, trying to cram my hands into the back of my mouth to floss my molars (my dentist always complains that I have a tiny mouth, and it’s true). But those “access” flossers make flossing as easy as brushing my teeth. I floss a lot more often now. And if you have braces or a permanent retainer, try interdental brushes! So much easier than floss threaders. My gums are happy, my dentist is happy."


    Get an access flosser starter pack for $1.99, and a pack of 96 interdental brushes for $22, both on Amazon.

    6. A pair of ~toe cappers~, which don't rely on a heel part to stay put, so you can kiss your high-heel and mule struggles good-bye.


    "My new fave! They don’t slip out for your heel because there is no heel part! Grips are on the bottom." —staceyr42a3dfb1a

    Get a pair from Target for $5, or something similar on Amazon for $5.

    7. An electric kettle — it's the simplest way to make cheap, easy meals without turning on your stove (or to get water boiling faster to use with pasta on the stove).

    "Love my electric kettle. It can boil a large amount of water for pasta in less than five minutes. In around a minute I can have hot water for cup of noodles, tea, or oatmeal. Plus it’s just a simple button to press and it automatically turns off."


    Get a one-liter kettle on Amazon for $18.89.

    8. A mini-steamer to quickly coax all the wrinkles out of your clothes, no ironing board required.


    "I hate ironing, but I also hate folding my laundry, so everything I own is wrinkled. It's like a magic wand for removing wrinkles. I finally look like an adult at work. I even steam my t-shirts now because you just look so much more put together when your clothes are wrinkle-free."


    For more on why this particular one's great, read a BuzzFeed editor's mini steamer review. Tl;dr, this steamer's incredibly useful: it heats up in about 90 seconds, steams about five garments before needing refilled, and is all around perfect for anyone who doesn't want to wait too long or work too hard to get the wrinkles out.

    Get it on Amazon for $26.99.

    9. Or wrinkle-releasing spray that not only smooths out all the dents in one go, but also has a light, pleasant scent.

    "You spray it onto your clothes, smooth it into the fabric, and bam! No more wrinkles! Works great when you’re in a rush and don’t have time to properly iron something." —kendral464ad75b4

    Get two bottles on Amazon for $13.94.

    10. A CrockPot — it'll let you enjoy delicious homemade dinners that basically cook themselves without spending too much of your hard-earned money.

    "I can enjoy flavorful soups with very little effort involved on my part. Besides those, I like combining meat or beans with some spices and bouillon before work. Then when I get home I have the stuffing for enchiladas or wontons or pot pies. When you have a head start on cooking, you can work some pretty impressive meals into the regular rotation."


    "Because you can make healthy tasty meals even if you’re kind of still broke and unprepared."


    For recipes, check out 264 Slow Cooker Ideas For When You're Not Sure What To Make. And if you don't have one yet, get one on Amazon for $39.99.

    11. Or, if you're feelin' fancy and want to try something new and adventurous, a sous vide to make cooking perfectly tender proteins a walk in the park.

    "Our Joule Sous Vide has made prepping protein for the week on Sundays a breeze!"


    Basically, sous vide devices make sure your meat's always cooked just so: you enclose your meat in a plastic bag, submerge it in water, and the device heats the water to a precise temperature for an exact amount of time. You almost don't have to keep an eye on it at all. One of our Tasty writers used a different brand and loved it — here's her sous vide review.

    Get the Joule Sous Vide on Amazon for $199.

    12. A set of egg poachers that'll make topping your favorite toasts with a little protein simple and mess-free.,

    "So you can get the perfect avocado toast. No mess!" —giannav4ad8ec9dd

    You simply spritz each poacher with a little cooking spray, crack an egg in each one, then put them into a pot or skillet with a few inches of boiling water and put the lid on. Let it go for three to six minutes, depending on how you like your eggs, and done!

    Get a set of four on Amazon for $12.97.

    13. An Amazon Dash button for that one product you're always forgetting to reorder, and sticky notes to help you remember everything else.,

    "The Dash buttons on Amazon, so I can easily get my dog snacks. Notes because I’m very forgetful."


    Browse all the dash buttons you can get on Amazon — they're essentially free. First you pay $4.99 each, but when you place your first order via the button, they discount it that same $4.99.

    I for one definitely rely on sticky notes to remember all sorts of things. Get a pack of five 90-sheet pads on Amazon for $5.

    14. A planner to help you set and achieve goals and keep track of small things like appointments and bills.


    "My planner. I cannot LIVE without my planner. I keep my lists, appointments, work schedule, bill due dates, etc. in my planner. And I take it everywhere, on errands, to work, on vacation, etc."


    Check out BuzzFeed Reviews to get our picks for the best planner at three different price points.

    Or just get the Simple Elephant Planner (spoiler: our pick for the best in the lowest price range) on Amazon for $19.99.

    15. An AM/PM pill organizer with removable daily compartments, so you can discreetly slip each day's doses in your pocket or purse.,

    "For anybody who takes vitamins and/or pills this AM/PM pill organizer is a lifesaver. I love that I can pop out each day and take it with me, so I don't have to toss a prescription bottle in my purse all the time. And it's so easy to organize for the whole week. No more forgetting my vitamins, or trying to remember if I took my medication today. Hello success."


    Get it on Amazon for $7.97.

    16. A glass of wine here and there because wine is wonderful.

    Jon Premosch / Buzzfeed, Uncorked Ventures / Cratejoy


    If you're like most of us and on a budget, check out our under-$25 box wine taste test — we loved Trader Joe's the best.

    But if you're feeling fancy about your wines or really want to explore ~new wines~, you could always try a wine club. Uncorked Ventures on Cratejoy curates wines from California, Washington, and Oregon starting at $55/month.

    17. Some classic vinegar and baking soda, because they can clean all sorts of things., Natalie Brown / BuzzFeed

    "Seriously, get a box with two gallons of vinegar and then a big bag of baking soda."


    For example: to clean a shower head, you simply fill a plastic bag with vinegar, sprinkle in a touch of baking soda, then tie it to the shower head with a rubber band. And to deodorize a mattress, you sprinkle baking soda over it, then vacuum up, according to One Good Thing By Jillee.

    Get a half-gallon of vinegar for $2 and a 5-pound bag of baking soda for $3.70, both on Amazon.

    For other smart vinegar and baking soda cleaning tips, check out 42 Ways To Make Your Entire Home Cleaner Than It's Ever Been.

    18. A game-changing Dyson vacuum that's worth the price because it makes cleaning so much more enjoyable.

    Yi Yang / BuzzFeed


    "Just a couple of years ago I would have scoffed at the idea of buying a "designer" vacuum — but having recently seen the genuine difference a good vacuum can make, I decided to make the splurge. I tested a few more expensive models like the V8 and V10 (which were both more powerful and had longer running times), as well as cheaper models by other brands and ultimately decided that the Dyson V7 Motorhead would be the best option for my budget and space.

    I found it to be more than powerful enough for my hardwood floors, and it even ran smoothly over a thick and shaggy rug in my living area. The vacuum itself isn't too loud and actually makes the chore feel a little less tedious. My floors have never been so clean, and now I actually (semi-)enjoy vacuuming. For me, it was 100% worth the investment!" —BuzzFeeder Yi Yang, whose full review you can read in this roundup of game-changing home products.

    Get one from Amazon for $295.63, or a certified refurbished one from Groupon (for a limited time!) for $199.99.

    19. And, of course, condoms. Because protection's basically always a good idea.

    MTV / Via


    Get a pack of 36 Trojan Ultra Thin lubricated condoms on Amazon for $13.75.

    And because a little refresher never hurt anyone, learn about 19 Condom Mistakes You Might Be Making.

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    Responses have been edited for length and clarity.

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