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What Products Make Adulting A Little Bit Easier?

We want to know!

We want to know: what products have actually made the whole ~adulting~ thing even just a little bit easier?


Because being responsible all the time is hard!

Maybe it was something basic and obvious, like a broom that you swear works better than any other broom you've ever used.

This one's $16.99 on Amazon.

Or perhaps it was a gadget you bought on a whim one day but that really helps you with regular chores, like a kit that cleans the toilet every time you flush it.

Get this kit on Amazon for $10.48.

Could be it's a meal planning pad that makes it easy for you to remember to use all the groceries you bought each week.

This one's $9.95 on Amazon.

Or a sunscreen you've discovered you'll actually wear every day, because it doesn't feel goopy on your face.


Because as a grown-up you're theoretically supposed to wear sunscreen every day.

As/Is writers and editors love this one, $25 from Glossier.

Or something that just brings you a little bit of joy each and every day, like popping off the date on a bubble wrap calendar.

Yes, that exists! $24.99 on Amazon.

Or something ENTIRELY different! Tell us 1) what the product is and 2) why you like it so much — bonus points if you include a link to where to find it — and you could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!

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