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    I Tried The Precision Cooking Gadget That's All Over Pinterest

    It's supposed to be a kitchen game changer. But was it?

    If you're anything like me, you probably spend way too much time cooking and finding new recipes and techniques on Pinterest.

    And one that has recently been popping up more and more is sous vide — or ~precision~ — cooking.

    So I couldn't help but wonder...could sous vide possibly live up to the hype? The whole concept seemed pretty fancy IMO — but others said it was actually super easy and practical for an everyday cook. Naturally, I had to give it a try.

    So, one hot summer day when I had no intention of turning on my oven, I snagged a sous vide precision cooker and got to work.

    First step: I unwrapped my sous vide machine and played around. Setup was actually really easy.

    One useful thing about this model is that it hooks up to a free app that lets you monitor your food when you're out of the kitchen.

    To really test the scope of this thing, I decided to try a wide range of sous vide recipes: a breakfast, a veggie side dish, a meat dinner, a dessert, and a boozy beverage (for good measure). Here's how it all went down...

    Recipe #1: Individual egg cups that you can prep ahead of time and take on-the-go.

    Recipe #2: Buttery glazed carrots that make a perfect (and addictive) veggie side.

    Recipe #3: Carnitas that are supposed to be fall-apart tender and juicy (and that won't overcook).

    Recipe #4: Coconut rice pudding that serves a crowd (and tastes better than the store-bought kind).

    Recipe #5: Orange-cream-pop-infused vodka — because why not? Lol.

    TL;DR: For me, the sous vide was overall pretty easy to use, and all my recipes came out well. I didn't have to stress about overcooking, and everything was delicious. But this low-and-slow style of cooking — which can take all day — admittedly isn't something I'd do on the reg.