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What's The Thing About Adulthood That Surprised You The Most?

Help out all of the almost-adults out there!

What surprising life advice, products, or other things have actually helped you survive adulthood so far?

Maybe it was the protip to use ~I statements~ in your disagreements with your S/O or roommates that helps you through tough communication situations.

Or an unexpected product that helped change your habits, like a microwaveable steamer for fish and veggies that made eating healthy but cheaply so much easier.

Perhaps, after settling into your job and routine, you quickly realized you needed a hobby to keep you occupied (that didn't involve hangovers on weekday mornings).

It could be that during your last regular check-up, your doctor recommended you actually take some vitamins, and when you did you felt an unexpected energy and mood boost.

Or it might be a skincare tip or discovery — like you started using some products (for example, Stridex pads and a basic moisturizer every night) that majorly helped clear up your blackheads.

Or it could be something incredibly simple, like you had no idea how often you'd lose your keys until you moved out of your parents' house.

Or maybe it was something else completely! Basically, we're looking for any and all things that help you through adulthood — surprising tips/tricks, products, realizations/discoveries, and more — to help almost-adults feel extra prepared for the years ahead. Tell us about yours, and you could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!