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    27 TV And Movie Characters Who Didn't Get The Romantic Endings They Deserved

    "The writers squandered a perfect opportunity with Katara and Zuko."

    We recently asked the BuzzFeed Community which TV and movie characters didn't get the romantic ending they deserved. Here are some of our favorite people who should have gotten a better happily ever after:

    1. Rachel could have done way better than Ross in Friends.

    Rachel and Ross hugging

    2. Katniss would have been better off by herself in The Hunger Games.

    Katniss with her bow and arrows with a fire behind her

    3. Serena and Nate were clearly the better couple in Gossip Girl.

    4. Ted getting together with Robin at the end of How I Met Your Mother was so messed up.

    Robin lying on Ted's lap

    5. Katara and Zuko would have balanced each other out perfectly in Avatar: The Last Airbender.

    Katara with her hand on Zuko's shoulder

    6. Bonnie should have gotten her happy ending with Enzo in The Vampire Diaries.

    7. Hermione was way too good for Ron in Harry Potter.

    Ron and Hermione looking serious

    8. Shawn and Angela showed us what true love looked like in Boy Meets World.

    Shawn with his arm around Angela's shoulders

    9. Mia and Sebastian not ending up together in La La Land was a huge disappointment.

    10. Callie and Arizona were meant to be in Grey's Anatomy.

    Callie and Arizona smiling in their wedding dresses

    11. Jess helped Rory grow as a person in Gilmore Girls, and that's so important.

    Jess and Rory walking down the street

    12. In To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You, Lara Jean and John Ambrose were obviously the ideal match.

    Lara Jean and John Ambrose dancing

    13. Stefan and Elena made way more sense in The Vampire Diaries.

    14. Archie and Betty from Riverdale would have made all our high school fantasies come true.

    Archie and Betty walking into a high school dance

    15. Sam and Mercedes were the cutest couple on Glee.

    16. Hayley and Andy had the cutest vibes on Modern Family.

    Hayley and Andy standing next to each other

    17. Missandei and Grey Worm were a glimmer of hope in the dark world of Game of Thrones.

    18. In Grey's Anatomy, Alex deserting Jo to run back to Izzie destroyed his character arc.

    Alex talking to Jo in their wedding clothes at the hospital

    19. Jackie and Hyde from That '70s Show clearly belonged together.

    Jackie and Hyde dancing together

    20. Jess and Sam had sooo much chemistry in New Girl, and we deserved to see that play out.

    Jess and Sam in a booth in a restaurant

    21. In Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Willow moving on from Tara's murder with Kennedy was a mistake.

    22. Peyton and Jake were such a pure couple in One Tree Hill.

    Peyton and Jake lying in bed together

    23. In Scandal, Jake brought out the best in Olivia.

    Jake and Olivia kissing on a beach chair

    24. Veronica and Reggie's relationship in Riverdale was more meaningful than her lust for Archie.

    Reggie smiling down at Veronica

    25. Laurie and Jo should have gotten together in Little Women.

    Laurie and Jo peeking out from behind a curtain

    26. Jane and Michael were perfect together in Jane the Virgin.

    Jane and Michael getting married in a church

    27. And Black Widow and Captain America would have given us a truly epic romance.

    Which character deserved a better romantic ending? Let me know in the comments below!