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Aug 2020
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    sweetsmellofjasmine commented on What's Something You Wish You'd Learned About Sex A Whole Lot Sooner?

    That having a vagina that's too tight is a thing. I thought that sex was just supposed to hurt and it was normal I couldn't put in a tampon until I lost my virginity. I now visit a physical therapist weekly who has to work on loosening my pelvic floor. Teens need to notice signs soon,… 

    6 months ago

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    sweetsmellofjasmine commented on Which TV Or Movie Character Broke Your Heart When They Ended Up With Someone You Didn't Like?

    I'll definitely get some hate for this, but Stefan and Elena! I feel like they got along better and had more in common than her and Damon. I also just felt like Delena was kinda toxic. Also, the way that they just had Elena fall out of love with Stefan so fast after everything was… 

    9 months ago

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