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    19 Celeb Parents And What They've Been Doing In Quarantine

    During quarantine they really ARE just like us.

    1. Kristen Bell — like the rest of us — struggled with helping her kids complete their distance learning:

    2. Jamie Dornan got deep into playing dress-up with his daughters and became a character named "Jenny":

    3. Serena Williams and her daughter played princesses, and dressed up in matching Frozen dresses:

    4. Anna Faris kept her son busy by letting him do...whatever it is he's doing here:

    5. Ali Wong made flubber soap with her kids "hoping it will entertain them for at least 30 min before we go right back to watching Frozen 2 for the 10,000th time":

    6. Reese Witherspoon went to great lengths to escape her kids so she could get a little work done in peace and quiet:

    7. She also expressed her quarantine thoughts on her letter board:

    8. Chrissy Teigen and John Legend tried to entertain their daughter Luna by making chocolate balloons...but things didn't go as planned:

    9. Gabrielle Union and her little passed the time by soaking up some sun:

    10. Jenna Fischer and her hubby enjoyed a shelter-in date of coffee and bird-watching, while their kids watched Trolls 2 inside:

    11. Pink, meanwhile, watched Ratatouille with her cutie, who was very insistent mama kept watching the screen:

    12. Pink also did what pretty much all of us have done — she tried her hand at making bread:

    13. Hilary Duff shared a bath with her daughter, and wrote to other parents in her caption "One more day down! 🏆 to every parent out there......... we are lucky to be healthy ♥️....... also ...damn these days are long ......":

    14. Gwyneth Paltrow shared how her daughter Apple trolled her for her propensity to make to-do lists (plus something else mom is know for), and hashtagged it "quaranteen":

    15. Mindy Kaling caught up on her family's laundry:

    16. Ayesha Curry took her kids outside to do some chalk art (which has been very popular these days):

    17. Jada Pinkett Smith and her daughter Willow did an at-home workout:

    18. Molly Sims made a call — LOL — trying to "quit 2020" while her kiddo climbed all over her:

    19. And, lastly, America Ferrera had another baby!!!!

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