Sidewalk Art Is Popping Up Everywhere — Here Are 19 That Are Uplifting, Inspiring, And A Little Hilarious

    This is the pick-me-up you need today.

    1. If you've taken a walk around the block while self-isolating, you might have noticed a lot more sidewalk art than usual:

    2. Many of these feature messages of hope, like this timely twist on "April showers bring May flowers":

    3. And this one that reminds us "we can do hard things":

    4. Artist Dawn Morrison Wagner left this bit of positivity for kids and their families to come across:

    5. And this talented family left space + social distancing–themed sidewalk art for their neighbors to find:

    Kids and I keeping our #COVID2019 sidewalk messages nice and spacey for the neighbors 🚀🪐🌔@NASA

    "Be like NASA: give people space" LOL 😂:

    6. This one comes with a sweet story — when a boy was sad about not being able to have a birthday party, artists Jan and Olivia Riggins left him this as a pick-me-up:

    7. I love the story here, too — a math teacher left some math questions on the sidewalk and ended up bonding with an Amazon delivery guy over them:

    I put math on the sidewalk last night and the amazon delivery guy had a great time with it! (I stepped outside and chatted with him - he has an associates in Math!)

    8. This pretty "stained glass" sidewalk art technique using masking tape is also making the rounds:

    We finally did the stained glass sidewalk chalk project! Turned out so good and it was really calming. ❤️

    9. Pretty cool, huh?

    10. This sidewalk art, meanwhile, helped people visualize exactly how far apart we should stay from each other:

    Did some data visualizations today on a sidewalk.

    11. This one used a Mr. Rogers quote to thank the first responders:

    12. And this one proclaimed, "You can't hug me, so hug a tree":

    13. Erik Greenawalt, aka "The Chalking Dad," made this amazing tribute to the wonders of hand sanitizer:

    14. And he also made this one about the Bill Murray classic Groundhog Day, because right now we're all basically reliving the same day over and over:

    15. Artist Janet Tombros reminded Minions-loving kids to wash their hands:

    16. While this talented artist depicted the gang from South Park:

    17. So if you need a little pick-me-up:

    18. Or a reminder of the good in the world:

    19. It may be as close as the sidewalk outside:

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