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Things Only Acadians Will Understand (BILINGUAL POST)

La fête de l'Assomption - ou ben le 15 août, comme qu'on dit - arrive à grand pas. Les Acadiens de tout autour vont célébrer avec de la musique, de quoi à manger, des tintamarres pis des bonne drinks frettes... so voici une liste de choses que seuls les Acadiens comprendront. ******* La fête de l'Assomption - or more commonly known as 15 août - is upon us. Acadians all over will be celebrating with music, tintamarres, food and drink, and will (most likely) relate to things on this list. Read on...

michelleaforeman 4 years ago

8 Fierce Females (And The Books They Wrote)

Sure, we've all heard the hype surrounding the greats: Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Lena Dunham. Their books have been praised - all for good reason, mind you - but there are some other very funny women in the entertainment world that have penned awesome autobiographies. They tell the stories that make them normal, run-of-the-mill everyday people just like us. They will leave you laughing to tears, definitely feeling better about yourself, inspired and proud to have these women as role models (well, most of the time).

michelleaforeman 4 years ago