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Hey Teachers, What's The Coolest Or Most Useful Thing In Your Classroom?

What do you do that makes all the difference?

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Do you have a specific way you like to set up your bulletin board (or your whiteboard/chalkboard), so it's functional, looks good, *and* doesn't cost too much $$?

Don't forget to share a photo, and a little bit about how you use it, and how it helps! You'll be helping other teachers with your ideas! This bulletin board's from here.


But it could be as simple as using two clean cans as a spot for students to grab sharp pencils.

Instagram: @mrsmollymeier

Affordable and functional!


Or sorting all the workbooks on your shelf by subject, using magazine organizers from the dollar store?

We want to know about it! Tell us a little bit about what your most useful tip or trick is, and don't forget to mention what grade you teach! Bonus points? Upload a photo of your tip via the drop box below! You and your tip could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed post.

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