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What Products Made You Learn To Love Cooking?

Do you actually enjoy making meals for yourself? Tell us why!

Cooking is so fucking amazing. The ability to cook for yourself is a genuine talent.

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But for some.... the joys of cooking didn't come easily.

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So we want to know, how did you learn to love cooking?

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Did a parent, grandparent, or someone close take you underneath their wing to show you their secrets?

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Was it a super easy-to-follow cooking book that finally shed some much-needed light?

Or maybe you just wanted to use a cool-ass kitchen gadget and took it from there!

Long story short, we really wanna know what made you a kitchen connoisseur.

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Tell us about the tips, products, and methods that turned you into a "I love to cook!" human being, and you could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!