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    23 Dad Jokes That Are So Bad They're Good

    Nothing like a good ol' dad joke.

    1. This comical soda can choir:

    @thedadlounge / Via

    2. This ~Greecey~ French fry punchline:

    3. This hilarious Hulk pun:

    4. This timeless tooth pun:

    Zachary Gibson / Getty Images

    5. This joke that'll make you ~pea~ your pants:

    6. This pun that couldn't be spared:

    7. This cycling crack:

    8. This witty cover band name:

    9. This joke meant for bookworms:

    10. This witty Mount Everest line:

    11. This clever goodbye:

    12. These witty bath towel names:

    13. This weekday punchline:

    14. This parking joke:

    15. This silly sandpaper story:

    16. This wisecrack about the Earth:

    17. This sucky leech joke:

    18. This joke that's a breed of its own:

    19. This humorous explanation of "bra":

    20. This dad joke that's definitely NSFW:

    21. This ghostly dessert pun:

    22. This dad's wise advice:

    23. Finally, this dad joke realization: