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Just 23 Low-Key Great Things To Do If You Need A Quick Break

If you're working from home, remember these.

1. Stretch out your neck, shoulders, and upper back with this 10-minute video.

2. Print this free activity pack — and do a few pages.

3. Prep the world's easiest bread.

4. Learn the full backstory behind one of your favorite songs.

5. Pretend you're on Jeopardy!

6. Do a crossword puzzle.

7. Try a 10-minute (no equipment!) micro-workout.

8. Make a four-ingredient taco.

9. Or make four-ingredient toast.

10. Pick three small things to clean around your house.

11. Feeling anxious? Try this writing prompt.

12. If you have friends with little kids at home, FaceTime them using Animojis.

13. Give your computer a four-step refresh.

14. Dance!

15. Drop in on a free art class.

16. Watch or listen to a short TED Talk.

17. Sharing a small space? Plug in (and jam out) on these virtual instruments.

18. Do a 10-minute meditation.

19. Take a language lesson or two.

20. Learn more about your personality type.

21. Or run your birth chart.

22. Nail down your skincare routine — or try a new one.

23. Make a quick (but seriously satisfying) dessert. 😋

What's your favorite way to take a quick but restorative break while working remotely? Share in the comments. 👇