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    16 Skincare Cheat Sheets That Are Actually Useful

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    1. For knowing when to toss products after opening:

    2. For the order of operations:

    3. And for how much — approximately — to use for each step:

    4. For mornings when you need a streamlined skincare routine — before moving on to makeup:

    5. For understanding all things acid-related:

    6. Plus, a further breakdown of common ones:

    7. For product timelines and effectiveness:

    8. For deciphering all those symbols on the packaging:

    9. For a useful primer on oils:

    10. For diving into Korean-style skincare — and its famous 10-step routine:

    11. And for answering the inevitable "But what *is* that, though?" question when it comes to step #5:

    12. For that time of the month — and how it might affect your skin:

    13. And for suggestions on how to adjust your routine if you'd like:

    14. For all those power combos we keep hearing about:

    15. For the (sometimes surprising) culprits behind breakouts:

    16. And for your next DIY at-home spa day:

    What's the most useful skincare tip or product you swear by? Share it in the comments!