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    Just 65 Things To Clean While You're Spending So Much Time At Home

    A clean home is something we do have control over right now.

    Let me preface by saying that this is NOT a post about sterilizing or disinfecting everything in your home.

    That would be nearly impossible. According to CDC guidelines, you should be using regular household cleaners to clean frequently-touched and used parts of your home like doorknobs, light switches, faucet handles, toilets, and sinks. The act of physical scrubbing, as well as letting any water dry on surfaces, is one of the most effective ways to decontaminate a surface (besides just straight up using bleach).

    Many of the methods below utilize household items like baking soda and vinegar, and it's important to note that these things are not proven to be effective against coronavirus. But — these are ingredients that we're likely to have sitting in their pantries or under their kitchen sinks (important while we're not leaving our homes!), and are a cheap way to clean many things around the home that haven't been cleaned — until now!

    1. AirPods

    Clean the outside with rubbing alcohol. Very carefully take a q-tip lightly doused in rubbing alcohol to clean the inner part — you don't want to risk pushing wax or grime any deeper into the mesh.

    If it's getting to the point where the wax is dampening the volume quality of your Airpods, try the sticky tack method, detailed here.

    2. Air Vents

    You're breathing in all that nasty dust and gray gunk! You can clean all your air vents en masse in the bathtub, with a few drops of Dawn and a scrubbing brush. Get the full directions here.

    3. Bagless Vacuum

    It requires some disassembling and rinsing the plastic pieces in warm water. Get the full directions here.

    4. Bathroom Exhaust Fans

    Using canned air to blow dust and debris out could save your life — exhaust fans are a common cause of household fires.

    5. Blinds

    Mix equal parts vinegar and water in a bowl. Dip a sock in it. Put your hand in the sock and wipe down the blinds. For full instructions, click here.

    6. Brass

    Wipe surfaces down with half a lemon covered in salt.

    7. Burnt Gunk Off Metal Pans

    You'll need cream of tartar, baking soda, dishwashing detergent, and an old credit card. Get the instructions here.

    8. Cast Iron Pan

    Add a 1/4 cup of kosher salt to the pan and scrub with hot water. For everything you need to know about taking care of your cast iron pan, watch this Tasty video.

    9. Cheese Grater

    Msphotographic / Getty Images

    Grate a piece of raw potato. The hardness of the potato along with the oxalic acid will get that cheesy gunk off your grater.

    [source: Household Magic]

    10. Charcoal Grill

    Imagesines / Getty Images

    Take a white onion, peel it, cut it in half, stab a fork into the small end of one half. Use the fork to rub the onion back and forth over the grates of a hot grill. The onion will deglaze the grates and add a little extra flavor the next time you bust out your grill!

    [source: How to Clean Things]

    11. Clarisonic Brush


    Disinfect your Clarisonic brushes with antibacterial dishwashing detergent, and you will drastically cut down on how often you need to buy new heads. Full directions here.

    12. Cloudy Glasses

    Rubbing alcohol will get that film off. A great tip if you buy vintage glasses or vases from the thrift store. Get the directions here.

    13. Coffee Mug Stains

    Use baking soda, dishwashing detergent, and vinegar. Get the full directions here.

    14. Coffee or Spice Grinder

    Pulverize bread or uncooked white rice to pick up lingering aromas. You can also grind 1 tablespoon baking soda and wipe thoroughly.

    15. Crockpot

    A little oven cleaner (in a well-ventilated room, or outside) and some Bar Keeper's Friend should get that gunk off. Get the full directions here.

    16. Crusty Oven

    Fill a bowl with 1/2 cup of ammonia into a COMPLETELY COLD oven. The fumes will work their magic overnight. Just wipe clean the next day. Get more awesome time-saving kitchen cleaning tips here.

    17. Curling Iron

    18. Dishwasher

    The process involves white vinegar and baking soda. Get the directions here.

    19. Dishwasher Filter

    Dish soap and an old toothbrush. Get the directions here.

    20. Engagement Ring

    Make a baking soda and water paste, or just use toothpaste. More details here.

    21. Floor Grease

    You'll need a solution of 1/4 cup white vinegar, 1 tablespoon liquid dish soap, 1/4 cup washing soda, 2 gallons of very warm tap water mixed together in a bucket.

    22. Front-Loading Washing Machines


    You'll need vinegar, baking soda, and a sponge. Get the full directions here.

    23. George Foreman Grill

    All you need are some paper towels. Get the full directions here.

    24. Glass Cooktop

    You'll need dishwashing liquid or powder, baking soda, gloves, and a rag. Get the full directions here.

    25. Glass Bakeware

    Crumple up a ball of aluminum foil, add a little dish soap, and scrub.

    26. Granite Countertops

    Mix rubbing alcohol and Dawn dishwashing soap to create a granite countertop cleaner. Get the details here.

    27. Grout Mildew

    Nadisja / Getty Images

    Use Cellucotton Cotton Coils (actually a beauty-related supply) and soak them in bleach. Lay them on the mildew and mold in your tub and let it sit for a day.

    28. Hair Brush

    This will make a HUGE difference! You can use shampoo or dish washing detergent. Get the full instructions here.

    29. Hard Water Stains on a Glass Shower Door

    Creative Commons / Flickr: 94953676@N00

    Bar Keeper's Friend, my friend. Or Lime-A-Way, which comes in a handy spray bottle as opposed to a powder.

    30. Humidifier

    You'll want to run white vinegar through it, but outside (because vinegar is stinky). You could also use a solution of hydrogen peroxide.

    31. Instant Pot Silicone Ring

    If you find that the ring is holding onto food odors — even after you've washed it — fill the IP with two cups of vinegar *or* water + lemon rind. Then run it on the "steam" setting for two minutes. Good as new!

    32. Irregularly Shaped Bottles

    Fill the bottle with raw rice, a little water, and a little dishwashing soap. Cover the top and shake.

    [source: Lifehacker]

    33. Keurig Coffeemaker

    Fill the water reservoir about halfway with vinegar. Run a cycle through without adding a filter or k-cup. Then run two cycles of water through to get rid of the vinegar taste/smell.

    [source: Passion for Savings]

    34. Kitchen Cabinet Gunk

    Use vegetable oil and baking soda. Scrub with a toothbrush. Get the full details here.

    {source: One Good Thing By Jilliee]

    35. Lampshade

    Use a lint roller to get the dust off.

    36. Leather Purse

    This is one you might want to try at your own risk (the safest thing would be to take it to a professional leather cleaner), but One Good Thing By Jillee claims that you can put a leather bag in the wash.

    37. Leather Sofas

    Get scratches and scuffs out of your leather couches with shoe polish.

    38. Makeup

    You can make a cosmetics sanitizing spray! Get the recipe here.

    39. Mattress

    Sprinkle baking soda (and optionally, a nice-smelling essential oil like lavender) over the mattress, let it sit for 30 minutes, then vacuum it up.

    40. Microwave

    Natalie Brown / BuzzFeed

    Heat a bowl of water and sliced up lemons for 5 minutes in the microwave. The steam will dissolve stuck-on stains.

    41. Muffin Pans

    A baby bottle brush! Brilliant.

    42. Mirrors and Glass

    Blinoff / Getty Images

    Use a concoction of 1/4 cup white vinegar, 1 tablespoon cornstarch, 2 cups warm water. Spray and wipe down with newspaper.

    43. Moldy Water Bottle

    EIICHHHH that SMELL. You'll need bleach, baking soda, and water. It's a lengthy process, which you can find here.

    If it has a straw, use a pipe cleaner.

    44. Oil Stains on a Garage Floor

    Rontech2000 / Getty Images

    Coca cola! Get the details here. Supposedly, a product called Pour-N-Restore works, also.

    45. Oven Racks

    You'll need 6 dryer sheets and 1/2 cup of dishwashing liquid. Get the full directions here.

    46. Pet Hair On Everything

    All you need are rubber gloves and a little water. Directions here.

    47. Pee Smell

    This is a job that requires bleach. Get the full tutorial here.

    48. Plastic Cutting Boards

    Make a paste of hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, and dishwashing detergent.

    50. Rubber Boots

    Use soapy water and finish it off with a little olive oil for shine. Get the instructions here.

    51. Scuff Marks on Linoleum

    Just rub with a plain old eraser!

    52. Shower Curtain Liner

    Owaki / Getty Images

    Run it through the washing machine with detergent, vinegar, and a few towels (otherwise, you might risk tearing the liner). Get the details here.

    53. Stainless Steel Refrigerators

    After making the spray, the key to getting the fingerprints off is a microfiber cloth.

    54. Stainless Steel Sink

    It's a lengthy process, but you'll need vinegar (in a spray bottle), baking soda, olive oil, and Goo Gone. Get the details here.

    55. Stove Grates

    You'll need ammonia (which stinks to the high heavens) and plastic bags. The best part is that this method requires no scrubbing.

    56. Stove Burners

    Pour on a thick coat of baking soda. Follow with a tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide onto each burner. Wait 15 minutes, then scrub away all that nasty brown stuff.

    [source: The Mortician's Wife]

    57. Tea Kettle

    Vinegar and water will get rid of those mineral deposits. Get more details here.

    58. Toilet Bowl Stains

    Save yourself lots of fruitless scrubbing with a toilet brush and use a pumice stone to quickly banish those impossible toilet rust and mineral rings.

    59. Toothbrushes

    Soak them in a vinegar or baking soda solution. Get the full instructions here.

    60. Weird Space Beween Oven Glass

    It's a little complicated and involves actual TOOLS so you'll want to check out this tutorial.

    61. Wicker Baskets

    Give them a rinse in the shower, or with a hose. Set them outside to dry in the sun. Spray with Pam to keep them looking shiny.

    62. Window And Shower Tracks

    Create a mixture of white vinegar and baking soda and let them soak for at least 10 minutes. Get the full instructions here.

    63. Wooden Cutting Boards

    Lemons and coarse salt will work on the wooden and bamboo variety. For full directions, click here.

    64. Yellowed Pillowcases

    That yellow stuff is SWEAT and DROOL if that doesn't compel you to do this right now. Throw them in the washing machine using REALLY HOT water, 1 cup of laundry detergent, 1 cup powdered dishwasher detergent, 1 cup bleach, and 1/2 cup borax. Get more details here.

    [source: One Good Thing By Jillee]

    65. Yoga Mat

    Fill a spray bottle with 3 parts water to 1 part distilled white vinegar. Optionally, add a few drops of essential oil. Spray and wipe down the solution.