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    31 Things You Probably Need If You Still Live With Your Parents

    There's nothing wrong with it, but here are some things that'll make it easier for everyone.

    1. A mini fridge to keep in your room, so you don't have to sneak around the kitchen in the middle of the night for a snack. It doubles as a warming unit, so you can also use it to keep your leftovers from getting cold.

    the fridge filled with different foods and drinks

    2. A sleek pair of noise-cancelling headphones, if you need to completely tune out the rest of your household. They're wireless and have a mic, so you can use them for your virtual lessons, too.

    pair of headphones laid on a book

    3. A rotating privacy sign that'll prevent your family from barging in during important meetings. Reviewers say that their young children who can't read are still able to get the message since it's colour coded.

    4. Or a set of stylish door hangers that'll help you set some boundaries.

    5. A battery pack that'll fully charge your phone up to three times, if all the ports in your house are occupied. Reviewers say it charges their devices at lightning speed and love that it's compatible with everything from tablets to wireless earphones.

    person sitting on a bench with their portable charger

    6. A bottle of Poo-Pourri that'll leave the bathroom smelling like fresh lemons. If you've been spending a lot of time at home, this spray-before-you-go blend of essential oils will keep everyone breathing easier.

    bottles of poo-pourri next to lemons

    7. A label maker, so everyone knows that the piece of cake in the fridge is YOURS. It'll also help you manage all of the cables and gadgets scattered throughout the house.

    8. A pack of conversation starters, because you might never get this much quality time with your family again. It'll help you understand each other better, and give you all a break from the screens.

    person holding two cards from the box that say what is your favourite childhood memory and what about the next year are you most excited about

    9. A Kindle Paperwhite that can hold an entire library of books, so they won't clutter up your room. A single charge can last up to six weeks and it has an anti-glare screen, meaning you can even read when it's super bright outside.

    person writing notes with Kindle next to them

    10. A pack of bumpers that'll prevent your cabinets from slamming while other people are on a Zoom call.

    11. A cozy PJ jumpsuit that you can lounge around in if you can't be bothered to dress up, but don't want to flash your family by prancing around in your underwear.

    person standing in the jumpsuit

    12. A Nintendo Switch Lite that'll fill up all your free time, without hogging the TV screen. Reviewers say it's a better handheld experience than the original Nintendo Switch.

    person playing Nintendo Switch Lite

    13. Pictionary Air, a modern twist on the classic game where you use a special pen to illustrate an image in the air and your teammates have to guess what you're drawing. Here’s the catch: They can see what you’re drawing through the app, but you can’t.

    person drawing a crown and child using screen to see it

    14. A pack of hangers that'll fold down vertically to add up to 80% more space in your closet, if it's been taken over by everyone's winter coats. They can be used horizontally to sort your clothes by colour or type, too.

    a before and after of clothes hanging normally and then with the fold down

    15. A projector so you can watch movies in your room without having to break the bank on a TV. If you and your family just aren't on the same page when it comes to TV shows, it'll give you a full-on cinematic experience on your wall so you don't have to crane your neck over your laptop.

    the projecto being used in different places like a wall, ceiling, side of an RV, and outside on a projector screen

    16. A sleep mask that'll come in handy if you've been sharing a room with a sibling who loves to get up in the wee hours of the morning. It's made of breathable jersey, so you won't wake up with super sweaty eyelids.

    person with the sleep mask on their head

    17. A shower caddy that'll help you organize all of the bottles and loofahs in your shared bathroom space. It has built in hooks, a razor slot, and a towel hook so they won't clutter up around the tub.

    the shower caddy in a bathroom

    18. A pack of command strips that'll let you put up as many pictures as your want without filling your wall with holes. They're velcro, so you can easily detach them if you want to change the photo inside a frame.

    person sticking a command strip on a frame

    19. An earphone splitter, so you and your sibling can listen to your favourite jams at the same time, without annoying your parents. Reviewers also love that they can connect a speaker and their earphones to their computer at the same time.

    phone with the earphone splitter connected to a pair of headphones and a pair of earphones

    20. A subscription to Kabo, so you're never left wondering who was supposed to pick up the kibble from the store. You can customize your packages to your dog's dietary requirements, since your dog is a treasured member of the family, too.

    person taking frozen dog food out of their Kabo box

    21. And a feeding tracker so the family dog doesn't get overfed (or left starving). It has an adhesive backing, so you can just pop it up somewhere that everyone will see it.

    the feeding tracker next to a light switch

    22. A hanging toiletry bag that'll store all of your self-care essentials, if there's just no more space left on the bathroom counter. It has four water resistant pockets that conveniently roll into one carrying bag if you need to pack it away.

    person brushing their teeth in the mirror with the hanging toiletry bag in the background

    23. A TubShroom that'll catch all the hairs if you have a lot of long-haired folks living in your house. Reviewers say it even catches pet hair, if your furriest family member gets bathed in the tub, too.

    the tubshroom full of hair

    24. A pack of mesh laundry bags, so you're never stuck wondering where your favourite socks went. It's also great for protecting your delicate clothing like bras or knits from getting destroyed in the wash.

    person putting the mesh bag in the washer

    25. A special mat that'll catch all of the extra litter bits when your kitty goes in and out of their litter box. I mean, we all know that cat litter duties are the worst type of chore.

    the mat in front of a cat litter box

    26. A dry erase board for the fridge that'll help everyone divvy up the chores around the house. It comes with a five different coloured markers, so you can colour code all of your notes.

    person writing on the fridge mat

    27. This hanging shoe organizer that'll fit 12 pairs of your favourite shoes, if the entryway is already packed with your family's footwear. Or you can use it for small bathroom storage, cleaning supplies, and basically anything else you need! There’s a reason why it has over 28,000 five-star reviews.

    28. A set of earplugs that'll help you get a few extra hours of sleep, if your one of your parents insists on vacuuming the house at seven in the morning. The foam will mould to the shape of your ears, so you won't have to worry about them falling out while you sleep.

    person lying in bed with earplugs in holding an alarm clock

    29. A stylish space heater that'll keep you warm, if your family just can't agree on an ideal temperature. It doubles as a fan, so you can cool off in the summer if you don't have central AC.

    the space heater

    30. A pack of butterfly cup markers that'll suction onto your glass to ensure that you don't end up drinking from someone else's cup again. You can also use them to decorate your windows or mirrors.

    the butterfly markers on two wine glasses

    31. And lastly, a custom family portrait that'll make a great gift for your parents, to show how much you appreciate them. The artist hand paints each portrait, so it'll be a truly special piece of art.

    a portrait of a family

    If you get a little frustrated living at home:

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