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    31 Products We Found On TikTok That Made Us Say, “I Want It Now”

    Tell me you found it on TikTok, without telling me you found it on TikTok.

    1. This flat water bottle that'll actually fit in your bag without rolling around and creating an awkward bump. Reviewers say it's small enough to slide it in their back pocket when they're out and about.

    person holding the water bottle next to their wallet

    2. A set of car LED lights that'll make night drives a little more magical. It has a built-in sensor that'll sync to your music and turn your car into the coolest one on the block.

    the lights under the driver and passenger seat

    3. This brilliant tray that'll attach to your steering wheel so you can eat or work when your car is parked. One side is meant for eating (it has a cupholder!), while the other side is flatter and will hold your laptop and a pen.

    laptop on the tray which is attached to the steering wheel

    4. A pack of hydrocolloid pimple patches that'll soothe your skin overnight by sucking up all the oil and sebum in your pimples. Reviewers say it helps their blemishes heal faster and appear less visible.

    5. A set of spatula tongs that'll make it so much easier to flip your grilled cheese without pinching into it. They can lock in a closed position for easy storage, so you won't have to worry about them springing open in your drawers.

    person grabbing a donut with the tongs

    6. A pair of minimalistic acrylic containers that'll help you organize your desk or vanity. You'll actually be able to see what's inside them, so you won't have to dig around to find that one eraser you love.

    acrylic container on desk

    7. This portable door lock that'll give you some extra peace of mind if you live alone or are staying in a hotel. It'll give you the privacy you need without having to pull out any tools to install anything.

    8. A stove gap cover that'll catch food and grease from getting in those hard-to-reach places. You'll never have to worry about what disgusting mess is lurking on the sides of your oven again.

    person lifting the gap filler

    9. This jewellery organizer that'll display your most prized possessions without tangling them up. Reviewers love how tall it is, and say that they can even hang their longest necklaces.

    jewellery hanging from the jewellery stand

    10. A set of coasters for your car that'll keep your cup holders clean and scratch-free. They have a little groove in them so you can easily pop them out to clean them.

    coasters in cup holders

    11. This couch cup holder that'll keep your drink close without spilling it. You probably need this if you have a small space and no room for a coffee table (and your carpet will thank you for it).

    cup of dark liquid on the cup coaster on a couch arm

    12. A pack of pastel purse hangers that'll save your totes from taking up valuable chair or table space. Reviewers also love using them to hang awkward-to-store items, like belts and dog leashes.

    13. A dish scrubbing brush that'll keep your countertops free of bottles. It has a little reservoir to fill with soap that you can eject with a push of a button.

    dish brush on the counter

    14. A standing jewelry cabinet that'll keep your treasures hidden away behind a mirror. It comes with a lock and key, so your beautiful baubles will be safe at all times.

    the standing cabinet open showing jewellery inside

    15. A pack of claw clips that'll give you that effortless, Cool Girl look. They're extra big, so even you thick or long-haired girls will be able to clamp all your locks up.

    person holding the clips

    16. These wine filters that'll help you enjoy a glass of your favourite vino without giving you a headache. The wand removes histamines and sulfites, so you won’t have to deal with congestion or a hot face.

    wine stirrer in a glass of wine

    17. This privacy stamp that'll ease your mind if you're paranoid about your identity being stolen. Reviewers say it replaces the need to buy a bulky shredder to protect their most private information.

    person rolling the stamp across a piece of paper

    18. A set of silicone brushes that'll make applying your face mask a spa-worthy experience. They're more hygienic than using your fingers, and you won't waste half the product on your hands.

    person spreading a product on their hand

    19. A bottle of glass treatment that'll make driving in the rain less stressful, since it works by making water roll off instead of pool up. Reviewers say it also reduces soapy water marks in their glass showers.

    two sides of a windshield showing rain that using the treatment makes the water slide down more

    20. A defuzzer that'll shave off all the annoying little pills on your favourite sweaters. Reviewers say it makes their clothes, couches, and cushions look brand new.

    person shaving a sweater and a picture in the corner showing the before with pills

    21. An air fryer that'll make all of your favourite foods with a fraction of the oil. Reviewers say they barely use their ovens anymore, since this gadget is faster and less messy.

    the air fryer on a table with a plate of fries next to it

    22. This phone mount that'll make your driving experience a whole lot easier and safer. Reviewers love how easy it is to use: just slide the phone in and the sides will clip on perfectly, no matter its size.

    phone on mount that's attached on vent

    23. This silicone body and face scrubber set that'll help you gently rub off dead skin and dirt in the shower without being too harsh. They'll take up less space than a loofah and have little finger slots for better control.

    person rubbing the pad on her arm

    24. This carpet cleaner that'll basically power wash any stain out. It'll spray your carpet or upholstered furniture with a soapy solution and then suck it back up, along with any stains and dirt.

    person cleaning up a stain on the carpet

    25. This bathroom organizer that'll make storage space appear out of nowhere if you have a small bathroom. It comes with two cups and even has a toothpaste dispenser that you can just press to release the perfect amount of toothpaste every time.

    the organizer mounted on a wall

    26. A set of silicone ear grips that'll keep your glasses in place if they're constantly falling off. You'll get four styles and three colours in one pack, so you find the best combination that blends style and utility for your frames.

    four different kinds of ear grips in the shape of a circle, fins, and a band

    27. These honeycomb dividers that'll be a lifesaver when it comes to organizing your socks or underwear. They click together, so you can make it as big or small as you need.

    the dividers in a drawer filled with socks

    28. A Sky Lite projector that'll illuminate your room with an ethereal starry nebula. It'll create a relaxing atmosphere and you can fall asleep without worrying, since it'll automatically turn off after six hours.

    29. A cereal dispenser that'll give you easy access to your favourite snacks or candy. Reviewers say it also dispenses the perfect portion of food for their pets, so they don't need to pull out the big bag every time.

    the cereal dispenser with two kinds of cereal in it

    30. A sauce holder that’ll clip to the vent in your car so you can enjoy your fries or nuggets on the go. You'll be able to eat your food before it gets cold and avoid messy spills at the same time.

    person dipping a dry into a dip clip with ketchup

    31. And lastly, a pack of museum putty that'll hold pretty much anything in place so it doesn't get knocked over. Reviewers say it lets them have nice things in the house without worrying about their pet or tots playing Godzilla.

    person holding a piece of glass at an angle that has a teacup, a porcelain doll, a candle holder, and a vase all secured so they don't fall

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