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    27 Things That’ll Brighten Your Home If It Feels Like A Dungeon

    We could all use a little light in our lives right now.

    1. A string of foliage lights that'll add a touch of brilliance and greenery to your space. It's wrapped around a flexible cable, so you can roll or fold it into whatever shape you desire.

    a string of foliage light in a room over a desk

    2. An alarm clock that simulates a sunrise, if you're trying to wake up more naturally. It features seven soothing sounds to start your morning to (or you can just pick your favourite radio station).

    person reading with the light on

    3. A ring light that'll help you take some bomb selfies. Reviewers say it's great for live-streaming, since there are two phone mounts that let them record and read the chat at the same time.

    ring light showing phone clipped in two positions

    4. A set of sheer curtains that'll actually let in some natural sunlight during the day. Reviewers say that they still give them enough privacy at night, especially when paired with an LED light strip around their window frame.

    the curtains on a rod over a large window with a table in front of it

    5. A mushroom nightlight that'll turn your room into an ethereal garden. It'll cycle through seven different colours and adjust its brightness based on the room lighting, so you can leave it on 24/7.

    three mushroom lights on an outlet

    6. A vanity that'll make you feel like you're backstage on a Hollywood movie. It has three different colour tone settings, so you can make sure your makeup looks good in any lighting.

    the mirror on a desk next to some perfume bottles

    7. Or a set of lights that'll transform the mirror you already have into the vanity of your dreams. The lights are dimmable, so you won't be blinded if you use it right after waking up.

    lights around a mirror

    8. An LED desk lamp that'll let you actually see what you're working on. It also doubles as a power strip, so you won't need to run your charger around your WFH obstacle course to plug it in.

    desk lamp next to a laptop

    9. A curtain of lights that'll instantly turn any room into a magical and cozy sanctuary. Reviewers love using it as a decorative backdrop for special events and photos.

    the light over top of a curtain

    10. A pack of microfibre cloths that'll clean all the gunk and build-up off your windows so the sun can actually shine through. They're streak and lint-free, so they'll also be great for cleaning your car or countertops.

    person wiping their counter with the cloth

    11. An LED neon light that'll add a soft, dreamy glow. There are over 20(!!!) different styles, from a lightening bolt to a palm tree, so you'll definitely be able to find one that fits your aesthetic.

    12. A pack of motion-activated lights that are incredibly versatile — they’ll do anything from helping you find what you’re looking for to saving you from tripping down the stairs.

    lights along a dark hallway

    13. An LED shower head that'll turn your bathroom into a nightclub. It has a three-level filter that'll remove chlorine and other contaminants to leave your skin soft and clean.

    the shower head with a light on and in the corner, it shows the other colour options

    14. A light therapy lamp that'll help you combat the winter blues as the days become shorter. It mimics the brightness of the sun (but you can adjust the brightness if it's a little too strong).

    person pressing the power button on the light therapy lamp

    15. A picture lamp that'll transform any painting or portrait into an expensive-looking art installation. Reviewers recommend pairing it with a smart plug to easily turn it on and off from your phone or Alexa.

    picture frame with light above it

    16. A table lamp that'll cycle through brightness levels with just a tap. It's battery powered for up to 48 hours, so you can bring it with you if you need to make a midnight bathroom trip.

    table lamp next to a laptop and glasses

    17. A customizable LED lightbox, so that you can display your favourite quote to brighten both your room and your spirits.

    person holding up the box that says lets be adventurers

    18. A glass bottle lantern that'll look great on a window sill or bedside table. Its warm glow is less harsh than overhead lighting, so you won't burn your retinas before bed.

    row of lantern bottles

    19. A minimalistic standing lamp that'll illuminate your entire room without taking up too much space. It'll project light upwards onto your ceiling, so it'll fill in any gaps that your overhead lighting misses.

    person sitting on chair next to standing lamp

    20. A roll of LED strip lights that'll level up any room in your house from your bedroom to your kitchen. The lights are self-adhesive, making them easy-peasy to install.

    21. A set of crystal pendants that'll catch the sun and fill your room with little rainbows. Reviewers say the way they're cut makes the light that it catches look like it's shimmering.

    person holding the crystal with light shining through it

    22. A marquee letter light that'll simulate the glowing lights of Broadway. It has a slot on the back, so you can hang it up on your wall.

    the letters spelling CAFE on a table

    23. This jar lantern with a sweet little message that we could all hear more often. Reviewers say when it's lit, it looks like there are little fireflies in the jar.

    the jar that says it's cool to be kind

    24. A light-up speaker that'll create a light show to the beat of your favourite tune. It’s got a built-in mic, so you can even use it to answer phone calls.

    the speaker in various locations like a party, a beach, and a bag

    25. A book lamp that'll fit right in on your office desk or bookshelf. The ends have a magnet, so it can fold all the way open at 360° degrees, too.

    book light on a dresser next to a violin

    26. A pack of LED light bulbs, if your space is seriously light deficient. They're über bright (the equivalent of a 100W halogen bulb), so you'll finally be able to find your way around your dungeon-like basement.

    27. And lastly, this mirror that'll reflect any light and make your room look more spacious.

    mirror on the wall in front of a sink

    So bright you'll need your sunnies:

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