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    25 Hilarious And Fun Games That'll Keep You Entertained For Hours

    Whether you live alone or with your whole family.

    1. This Throw Throw Burrito game that'll be a game night favourite and a workout all in one. You have to find matching cards faster than your opponents, and you can steal their points if you draw a burrito card by launching one of the included burrito squishies at them.

    people around a table playing with the cards

    2. Pictionary Air, a twist on the classic game where you use a special pen to illustrate an image in the air and your teammates have to guess what you're drawing. Here’s the catch: They can see what you’re drawing through the app, but you can’t.

    child drawing in the air with the pen and other players using a tablet and screencast to see what they're drawing

    3. A Deer Pong game that'll bring back some college memories in a family-friendly way. The sassy talking deer will make cheeky comments and jokes, bringing out even more laughs all around.

    two children playing Deer Pong throwing a ping pong ball

    4. Cat Crimes, the brainteaser game where you have to figure out which cat committed "feline-ies" like ruining your shoes. There are 40 challenge cards, with hints that'll help you figure out which kitty did it.

    child with the game set up with standing cat cards holding one

    5. A box of mini Twister that you'll have fun playing without breaking your back. It even comes with some cute finger socks to keep your digits warm.

    finger twister kit with mat, wheel, book, and finger socks

    6. A deck of unicorn-themed playing cards that'll add a little sparkle to your game, whether you're playing solitaire or Texas hold 'em. They're standard poker size and printed on premium cardstock, so they'll glide nice and smoothly when you shuffle them.

    the back of the deck of cards showing a unicorn and a joker and ace

    7. A Nintendo Switch Lite that'll fill up all your free time, without hogging the TV screen if you live with others. Reviewers say it's a better handheld experience than the original Nintendo Switch, which docks into your TV.

    person playing Nintendo Switch Lite

    8. A copy of Super Mario 3D All-Stars for the Nintendo Switch that'll indulge you in the nostalgia of your favourite childhood games. This 3-in-1 will definitely bring back some memories.

    9. A copy of Animal Crossing: New Horizons for the Nintendo Switch that’ll immerse you in a comforting world where real estate is actually affordable. The cute characters and storylines will keep you entertained for hours.

    10. The social game Catan, where you play as adventurous settlers looking to make a home out of the isle of Catan. The isle starts with forests, mountains, and other scenery that you'll build into a city by strategically trading resources like lumber.

    the catan board set up with chips and cards

    11. Codenames, a game where rival spymasters know the secret identities of 25 agents, but their teammates only know them by their code names. Using a series of clues, you and your teammate have to work together to figure out all the agents names before the other team—and watch out, there's an assassin on the loose.

    the name cards and clues laid out

    12. A Mandalorian puzzle that features everyone's favourite little green baby. Reviewers say it takes anywhere from a few hours to a few days, so you'll love it whether you're a beginner or a pro.

    13. Incohearent Family, the game that'll make you say, "say whaaat?". Each card has a line written in gibberish that sounds like an actual word or phrase when spoken out (the real word is on the other side), and whoever guesses it correctly first wins the card.

    a group of people that are playing a round of the cards

    14. A gravity puzzle game that you'll be able to play all by yourself using just your logic and reasoning skills. Maneuver the various towers so that the marble falls through to the target piece—it's harder than it looks.

    person dropping a marble in the tower

    15. A box of conversation starters for couples, if you and your partner have officially run out of things to talk about. The 100 questions will keep you chatting for hours, which they'll adore if their love language is quality time.

    16. Or this Hygge game if you live with friends and family instead. Hygge (pronounced hoo-guh) is a Danish word that means enjoying the good things in life, which is exactly what the topics on each thought-provoking card are about.

    person holding the Hygge game box

    17. An escape room puzzle box, that'll bring the fun and excitement of the real thing right to your living room. The kit contains four different adventures, from a murder mystery to a prison break, that are increasingly difficult to solve.

    three people sitting around a table trying to solve the escape room puzzle

    18. A classic game of Connect Four that'll be fun for you and your little ones. It’s super easy to get the hang of, so you could even leave your kids to entertain themselves with it (while you take a lil’ break).

    kids playing connect four

    19. HedBanz, the game that'll keep you guessing what the heck is on your head. Each player starts with three chips and a card, and you have to ask rapid fire yes or no questions to figure out what your card is to get rid of all your chips before everyone else!

    person with a popcorn image on her head and a player next to her looking at it

    20. Telestrations, the game that mixes Pictionary and telephone where you guess what see, and draw based on a guess. After a few rounds, you'll be shocked at how the original word gets twisted into something completely different.

    person holding a card that says beaver

    21. A Scrabble board that'll test your knowledge in a vocabulary showdown with your opponents. Each letter is worth a different number of points, so the longer and more complex your words are, the better chance you have at winning.

    person putting the D tile down to spell PAID

    22. A copy of BuzzFeed's Ultimate Book of Quizzes, if you can't get enough of our online stuff. It's packed with 200 quizzes, puzzles, and games, so you'll be set even if your wifi goes down.

    the cover of the book that says buzzfeed ultimate book of quizzes questions and answers on life, love, food, friendship, tv, movies, and more

    23. Watch Ya' Mouth, the hilarious game that'll stretch your speaking skills to the limits. Your teammates have to guess the word you're saying, while you try to pronounce it with a mouthguard on—watch out, it can get messy.

    24. A classic tower of Jenga that'll keep you on your toes. For a fun twist, write different challenges or questions on each block.

    two people playing Jenga

    25. And lastly, New Phone, Who Dis?, the card-matching game where the person with the best response to the prompt "text" wins. Reviewers say the combinations are hilarious and has them laughing until their sides hurt.

    a person holding a card that says hi it's your uber driver I'm outside but was wondering if I could come in for a sec kinda having a bad day

    You on your way to game night:

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