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    20 Laptop Accessories That'll Up Your WFH Game

    So you can be a little more comfortable.

    1. These camera covers that'll give you some peace of mind if you're constantly paranoid about being spied on. The little gadget is red when it's in the open position, so you'll never miss when your camera is exposed.

    person typing on a laptop with the webcam cover next to a tablet that also has a webcam cover

    2. This dual-ended cleaning device that'll keep your laptop spotless (especially if you're a serial snacker). The brush will get rid of crumbs and dust in the keyboard, while the microfibre pad will keep your screen smudge-free.

    person brushing the keyboard of a laptop

    3. Or this handy little cleaning pen to really get into those hard-to-reach places in between your keyboard keys.

    Cleaning pen brush cleaning between keyboard

    4. A ring light that'll help your coworkers actually see you in meetings. The brightness and hue are adjustable, so you can find the best combination to perfectly highlight your face.

    person having a meeting with the ring light clipped to their laptop

    5. This faux leather laptop case that can double as an angled stand. It snaps closed magnetically and is totally waterproof, so your laptop will always be protected in style.

    Macbook resting on the case

    6. This LED light-up keyboard with a big cushy mat that'll give you the wrist support you've been looking for. Reviewers love that the keys aren't too loud but still have a satisfying clicking feeling to them.

    hand typing on keyboard

    7. This terabyte external drive that'll fit all of your files, so you never get that frustrating "storage full" message again. You can also use it to back up the entire contents of your computer—just in case.

    rectangular hard drive on table

    8. This storage bag that'll keep all your random computer bits and bobs organized. With two layers of pockets and flaps, you'll never have to scavenge your entire house for that one adapter again.

    person sorting their accessories bag

    9. A lap desk that'll keep everything balanced, so you can work from your comfy couch. It has a built-in mousepad and a phone slot, so you'll never need to use your actual desk again.

    person using their laptop on the desk

    10. This dry erase desk pad that can be used to jot down important reminders or meeting highlights. Gone are the days of littering your desk with sticky notes.

    computer and keyboard on a desk with dry erase board

    11. This laptop stand that'll help you straighten up your posture, if you're slouching over at your desk all day. It'll also stop your device from overheating by giving it some space to air out.

    person using a keyboard next to their laptop that's on the stand

    12. A giant mousepad that'll keep everything on your desk from slipping and sliding, and protect it from scratches at the same time. It's double sided, so you can get a little colour if you need a change of scenery.

    mouse and keyboard on mousepad

    13. A 7-in-1 adapter if your computer is completely devoid of ports you need. You won't need to set up any software for it—just plug it in and watch your devices connect.

    adapter connected into a laptop with an SD card in it next to a camera

    14. A drawing tablet that'll help you get your point across through a diagram or drawing. It comes with a smart pen that easily toggles to an eraser, so you can spend more time sketching and less time fiddling around.

    person writing on the tablet

    15. A monitor, if you're tired of straining your eyes trying to read anything from your tiny laptop screen. Reviewers love how thin the bezels are, making the monitor a sleek addition to their WFH stations.

    the monitor with a person surfing on it

    16. An ergonomic mouse that'll take the strain off your wrists if you're on the brink of getting carpal tunnel. It also has six buttons, so you'll be a lean, mean productivity machine.

    close up of hand of person using the ergonomic mouse

    17. A Bluetooth keyboard to turn your tablet into a laptop or if you just want an extra set of keys. Reviewers say the built-in mouse also allows them to effortlessly browse their smart TVs.

    the wireless keyboard on a couch

    18. A power strip that'll fit all of your cables, so they no longer have to compete for charging real estate.

    power strip

    19. And these cord clips that'll organize that mess of cables that have accumulated behind your desk or taken over your floor.

    The cord clip is attached to May's desk and keeps her cords organized

    20. And lastly, a pair of wireless headphones that'll keep you focused by blocking all outside sounds. Reviewers say the built-in mic and battery life gets them through a work day full of meetings.

    person with headset typing on a computer

    You getting down to business with your new setup:

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