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    21 Things That'll Give You The Best Sleep Of Your Life

    I'd get a gold medal.

    1. A memory foam mattress topper that'll mould to the shape of your body in seconds. You'll get such a deep sleep with it that you might need to set two alarms in the morning.

    the memory foam mattress on top of a regular mattress with two pillows on a bed

    2. And a queen size memory foam pillow to match. Reviewers love how it's made of shredded memory foam, so they can customize how firm they want it by taking out some of the stuffing (say goodbye to waking up with a stiff neck!).

    pillow on a bed

    3. This heated blanket for days when you just need that extra comfort. It has ten heat settings, so you can adjust it as your body temp changes throughout the day.

    person wrapped in blanket holding a mug

    4. A bottle of lavender linen spray that'll help you drift off into dreamland with just a couple of spritzes. It's made with natural essential oils that provide calming aromatherapy to calm your mind before bed.

    bottle of lavender spray surrounded by lavender flowers

    5. A pack of melatonin gummies that'll help regulate your sleep cycle naturally. Reviewers with insomnia say that it helps them fall asleep faster.

    a pack of the vitamins on a bed next to a sleeping mask

    6. A silk pillowcase that won't absorb as much moisture as other materials, so your hair (and skin!) will retain their hydration throughout the night — plus, it just feels super luxurious to sleep on.

    silk pillow on a bed

    7. A blackout curtain panel that'll keep out every last speck of light, so you can sleep comfortably through the night (or the day). They're also designed to keep heat from escaping, so you'll stay toasty warm in your room.

    a panel of the curtain on a rod covering a window

    8. A pineapple diffuser that's just as functional as it is cute. It lights up in seven different colours and will help you relax before bed.

    diffuser on a bedside table

    9. A copy of Why We Sleep, if you want to better understand the activity we spend a third of our lives doing. Author and neuroscientist Matthew Walker explores topics like why some people are grumpy in the morning and how childhood sleep patterns can affect IQ.

    The cover of Why We Sleep that says unlocking the power of sleep and dreams on a background of a starry sky

    10. A white noise machine that'll mask neighbouring sounds if you live in a noisy apartment. It has eight soothing sounds from ocean waves to crickets chirping, with auto-timer settings that'll keep it from playing all night long.

    the white noise machine with buttons that indicate the sound like a wave and a fan

    11. This tie-dye set that'll have you loungin' in style. It has an adjustable waistband and uber-spacious pockets — what more could you ask for?

    person wearing a tie dye pj set sitting on the couch reading a book

    12. A flannel sheet set, so you can have a fresh start for the new year. The flannel is super soft and will keep you nice and toasty for the winter.

    flannel sheet

    13. This giant body pillow that'll bend to whatever random position you feel comfiest in. It's technically a pregnancy pillow, but food babies count too, right?

    woman sleeping between the pillow

    14. This cloud-shaped humidifier that'll look totally adorable in your bedroom. It also doubles as a night light that can cycle through eight different colours.

    the humidifier blowing up mist

    15. A sleeping mask, if you're super sensitive to light or just want to take a nap during the day. The strap is adjustable, so you won't have to worry about gaps or tightness headaches.

    people sleeping in various locations with the eye mask

    16. This soft throw blanket that'll keep you warm and snuggly this winter. Reviewers love that the microfibre material is warm without being too heavy.

    throw draped on a couch

    17. An air purifier that'll freshen your space to improve your sleep quality. It uses HEPA-grade filters to remove dust, odours, and other things you don't want to be breathing in while you snooze.

    the air purifier on a table

    18. A set of wax earplugs, if you need total silence to fall asleep (or if your partner snores like a bear). They're mouldable, so they'll comfortably fix in your ears, without falling out during the night.

    person sleeping with earplugs in

    19. A sleep journal to track your sleep quality and analyze your dreams. Logging your dreams can improve memory retention and keep track of ideas that come to you while you slumber.

    a snapshot of a page of the journal that includes questions like how did you sleep and what woke you

    20. A mattress protector that'll save your mattress from accidental stains, bacteria, and allergens. Reviewers love that it provides a little bit of extra padding, too.

    mattress protector

    21. And lastly, a Sky Lite projector that'll illuminate your room with an ethereal starry nebula. It'll create a relaxing atmosphere and you can fall asleep without worrying, since it'll automatically turn off after six hours.

    You getting the best sleep of your life:

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