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    20 Things You Might Love If You're Seriously Missing Travel Right Now

    You might not be able to travel now, but here are some things that might make you feel a little bit closer to your next adventure.

    1. A scratch-off map that'll help you reflect on the trips you have taken and plan the destinations you'd like to see next.

    the map on a wall

    2. A Nintendo Switch Lite, so you can explore virtual worlds like Animal Crossing and Minecraft. Reviewers love how portable it is, so you can bring it with you when you do start going on real life trips again.

    person holding the Nintendo Switch Lite

    3. A jewellery organizer that'll keep all your baubles in one place, even when you aren't travelling. It has special compartments to hold every kind of jewellery, so none of your pieces will get all tangled up.

    jewelry box filled with necklaces, rings, a lipstick, earrings, and bracelets

    4. A Ninja blender to mix up the perfect piña colada or margarita at home if you miss having a tropical drink in your hand. It has a crushing technology that turns ice into a perfectly smooth perfect slush.

    person pouring drink from blender into glass

    5. An earphone splitter, so you and your bestie can listen to your favourite jams at the same time. Reviewers also love that they can connect a speaker and their earphones to their computer at the same time.

    phone with the earphone splitter connected to a pair of headphones and a pair of earphones

    6. A copy of the1,000 Places To See Before You Die calendar for 2021 to hang on your fridge or in your office, so you can daydream away. Every month features a different country, and each day is a picture of a beautiful location in that country.

    cover of the calendar which has pictures of destinations like the Eiffel tower and a person riding a camel

    7. And a copy of Destinations of a Lifetime by National Geographic, if you're craving even more travel content to satisfy your wanderlust. It covers everything from natural wonders to the yummiest restaurants, so you can plan an entire itinerary for your next adventure.

    cover of the book that says 225 of the world's most amazing places

    8. A light therapy lamp that'll make you feel like you're getting some sunshine. Reviewers say it improves their mood and helps with tiredness.

    person pressing the power button on the lamp

    9. This collapsible trunk bin that'll come in handy for storing all your stuff on your next road trip (or just to organize all the junk in your trunk). Reviewers love using it to store their everyday car things like jumper cables and shopping bags.

    person holding child sitting on trunk with the trunk organizer

    10. A 3-in-1 portable fan that can also be used as a power bank and a flashlight. Reviewers love using it for travel and say that while it might look small, it's powerful. The battery can power the fan for up to 21 hours!

    portable fan plugged into phone

    11. A hanging toiletry bag that'll store all of your self-care essentials for your trip (or if you just have a small bathroom). It has four water resistant pockets that conveniently roll into one carrying bag if you need to pack it away.

    person brushing their teeth in the mirror with the hanging toiletry bag in the background

    12. This luxurious cotton bathrobe that'll make you feel like you're unwinding at the hotel spa. It has adjustable inner cords and a tie belt, so it won't slip off even if you wear it all day.

    person standing with the bathrobe on

    13. And this mini skincare set from Saturday Skin, if you miss those little bottles you get at the hotel. The products are made with peptides and hyaluronic acids to keep your skin hydrated and dewy, just like at the beach.

    box of saturday skin skincare items

    14. A pair of wireless earbuds that come with a charging case, so you can listen to your favourite vacation tunes for hours.

    person putting one of the earphones back in the case

    15. A Korean surprise box that's jam-packed with snacks, merchandise, and K-beauty products. You'll get a little taste of Korea, delivered right to your front door.

    person opening their Seoulbox which is full of snacks

    16. A "piggy bank" that'll help you start saving up some travel funds. Throw your loose change and extra bills in there to use for your next big adventure.

    the piggy bank with coins in it and around it

    17. This photo "frame" that'll showcase all of your favourite memories (or act as a vision board for memories in the making). It comes with 40 mini clothespins to clip your photos onto five twine strands — making for a very fun display.

    the photo display next to a desk

    18. This ticket stub organizer, if you're a chronic memento collector. It holds up to 80 tickets and even has a big pocket in the back for bigger keepsakes.

    19. A Kindle Paperwhite that can hold an entire library of books, so you can immerse yourself in an endless amount of fantasy worlds. The new and improved version is waterproof and has an anti-glare screen.

    person comparing the glare on a Kindle to a tablet

    20. And lastly, this waterproof speaker to give you good vibes at home. It's about the size of your palm and will give you up to five hours of non-stop tunes through Bluetooth.

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