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    18 Things That’ll Help Turn Your Hobby Into A Business In 2021

    Dollar, dollar bills, y’all!

    1. A copy of Mind Your Business if the whole process of starting your own business is a little overwhelming and you don't know where to start. The workbook is filled with useful information about everything from pricing to taxes, and it includes exercises so you can better plan and grow your business.

    a person holding a copy of the book mind your business a workbook to grow your creative passion into a full-time gig

    2. A Udemy subscription that'll help you learn a new skill you can turn into an online business. There are over 130,000 courses in subjects ranging from marketing to coding, taught by experts around the world.

    person accessing a coding course from Udemy on their phone

    3. These silicone moulds that’ll make chocolate-covered cookies a snap, so you can create beautiful treats for any occasion. Who knew being your own boss could be so sweet?

    Molds with an example of chocolate covered cookies

    4. A Cricut so you can make stickers, vinyls, stencils and more—the possibilities are endless! Your creations will have people asking "where did you get that?" and you can proudly say "I made it!"

    A Cricut machine surrounded with crafting tools

    5. A spool of macrame rope that'll help you live your best boho life by creating stunning plant hangers, wall decorations, and more.

    The roll of macrame rope with examples of designs

    6. These candle tins that are just begging to be filled with your scented mixtures. Add your own labels and stickers to level them up even more.

    the tins filled with waxes and a muscle rub

    7. A hand-lettering set so you can make greeting cards, wedding invitations, prints, and all things artsy fartsy.

    person writing celebrate creativity on a piece of paper

    8. A heat press to personalize your clothing brand. It transfers decals onto fabric to create custom designs, and this mini version is great for smaller projects.

    person using heat press on shoe

    9. An epoxy resin starter kit, so you can create anything from jewelry to coasters. Reviewers love how fast and smoothly it hardens.

    10. A set of merino wool felt sheets that'll help bring to life any character you can imagine. Reviewers even used them to create hair accessories and tree ornaments.

    11. A matte screen protector that'll feel like you're drawing on paper. If you're a digital artist, then it'll probably make your illustrating experience so much better.

    matte screen protector coming out of a case with keys and a drawing pencil

    12. A ring light, if you're planning on growing your social media career this year. It'll instantly improve your production quality and it comes with a bluetooth remote to help you film from a distance.

    ring light showing phone clipped in two positions

    13. A set of essential oils to mix into candles, bath bombs, soaps and other scented products. Use the scents like lavender, eucalyptus, and peppermint alone or combine them to make your own custom blends.

    two bottles of essential oils surrounded by pebble candles

    14. A set of glass jars to start up your jam-making business. You could also whip up some spice mixes, pickles, or candles.

    jars filled with various jams and jellies.

    15. These lipgloss tubes that'll help you launch your own cosmetic line. Reviewers love how their colourful creations can easily be seen through the clear tube.

    three tubes of lip gloss

    16. A microphone, so you can finally start recording that podcast or song you've been putting off. It plugs right into your USB port and is really good at reducing background noise.

    the microphone in front of a computer with a music production software on the screen

    17. A set of dotting tools to create mandela art on whatever surface your heart desires. Reviewers used everything from bowls to notebooks as their canvases.

    18. And lastly, a set of holographic packaging bags to store your creations. They'll make your product look seriously professional and the resealable top will keep your products fresh.

    the bags with bath salts in them

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