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    22 Things To Treat Yourself To Once You're Done Shopping For Everyone Else

    From me, to me.

    1. This cuticle oil that’ll prevent you from getting those painful cracked cuticles this winter — plus, it’ll strengthen your nails in the process. Reviewers say it saves their skin from peeling and leaves their hands smelling amazing, too.

    bottle of cuticle oil surrounded by ingredients

    2. A cushy bath pillow that'll make your baths even more relaxing. It has suction cups that'll keep it in place, so you can just sit back and soak.

    bath pillow on the bath tub surrounded by candles

    3. This tie-dye pajama set that'll have you loungin' in style. It has an adjustable waistband and uber spacious pockets — what more could you ask for?

    person sitting on the edge of a couch in the set

    4. A foot buffer that'll keep your tootsies soft and smooth. It's infused with soap, shea butter, and tea tree oil, so it'll also get those feet squeaky clean.

    5. A Kindle Paperwhite that can hold an entire library of books, so you can enjoy your favourite reads without cluttering up your apartment. A single charge can last up to six weeks and it has an anti-glare screen, meaning you can even read in the sun.

    person writing notes with Kindle next to them

    6. A wine glass holder that'll keep your vino from spilling all over the bathroom floor. Reviewers also love using it to keep their nearly-empty shampoo bottles propped upside down.

    hand reaching out from bath for wine glass

    7. This plush robe that'll make you feel like you're spending a day at the spa. It'll dry you off in a jiffy and you'll never want to take it off.

    person standing in the bathrobe

    8. A pack of watercolour pens that'll help you create beautiful works of art. You'll get the effect of a painting, but without all the extra steps and mess.

    person drawing a dog with the watercolour pens

    9. A versatile ice roller that'll give you an instant boost. The cold therapy it provides can help de-puff your face, reduce headaches, and even soothe your sensitive spots after a wax.

    10. A pack of satin scrunchies that'll be gentler on your hair than regular elastics. You get 60 (!!!) freakin' scrunchies, so you can match any outfit you own AND you'll never need to buy another hair tie again.

    all 60 scrunchies piled together in the shape of a teddy bear

    11. This giant body pillow that'll bend to whatever random position you feel comfiest in. It's technically a pregnancy pillow, but food babies count too, right?

    12. A donut maker, because dough plus sugar just makes everything better. Reviewers love how fast it is and say they have ready-to-eat donuts within two minutes.

    donut maker surrounded by donuts

    13. This floatie humidifier that'll magically turn any glass of water into a hydrating mister. It's super portable and can plug right into your computer or other USB outlet.

    the humidifier in a glass of water on some books plugged into a laptop

    14. This Aveeno hand mask that’ll give you soft and silky hands in just ten minutes. The oats and shea butter will especially help with all of the increased hand washing you’ve been doing.

    hand mask package next to decorative items

    15. These beauty spatulas that'll help you scrape out every last drop of your favourite creams and lotions. They'll also help you keep your products free from the germs that live on your fingertips.

    16. A jade roller and gua sha duo that'll help you massage your pretty face. It’s easy to hold a lot of tension in your face if you spend all day on your devices, so even a 30-second roll will help relax those muscles.

    The roller and gua sha on a tray

    17. A pack of bath salts that'll soothe your muscles after the long day (or year, TBH) you've had. Treat yourself to a eucalyptus and cedarwood-scented soak, because you deserve it.

    pack of bath salts with a small bowl of it

    18. A ring light that'll up the ante when it comes to making TikToks or taking the perfect selfie. It has a phone holder and a Bluetooth remote, so you can get the perfect shot from wherever you are.

    person using the ring light to film a makeup tutorial

    19. A deck of affirmation cards that'll help cheer you up if you've been having a rough year. Reviewers love that the affirmations feature detailed activity ideas.

    deck of cards with unicorn on the cover and two cards showing that say authenticity and beauty

    20. This fancy electric corkscrew that'll pop open your bottle of vino in seconds. Gone are the days of struggling and stabbing at that stubborn little stopper (say that five times fast).

    the electric corkscrew next to a bottle of wine and a glass of wine

    21. A light therapy lamp that'll help you combat the winter blues as the days become shorter. It mimics the brightness of the sun (but you can adjust the brightness if it's little too strong).

    person pressing the power button on the light therapy lamp

    22. And lastly, a cat mug set that'll look absolutely adorable on your countertop.

    the two mugs on a table filled with a dark beverage and matching spoons

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