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    19 Things You Can Get From Etsy Canada That’ll Help Support Small Businesses

    Let's help them out.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. This cool sunglasses holder that'll display all of your favourite lenses. Reviewers also love using it to display their most beloved jewelry.

    five pairs of sunglasses hanging on the sunglasses holder
    ArkOnTheLake / Via

    Get it from ArkOnTheLake on Etsy for $39+. Available in six lengths and six colours.

    2. This hair clip that'll help you change up your look if you're tired of wearing a messy bun all the time. Reviewers of all hair types rave about how well it holds their hair in place.

    back of persons head with the round clip
    annielesperance / Via

    Get it from annielesperance on Etsy for $19.59. Available in two sizes.

    3. These beeswax wrappers that are a sustainable alternative for plastic wrap. They become pliable with the heat of your hands and are great to put directly over fruit, since beeswax is naturally antibacterial.

    hand holding three wax wrapper
    Olsenolsendesign / Via

    Each pack comes with a surprise mix of three patterns.

    Get a pack of three from Olsenolsendesign on Etsy for $18.99. Also available in a pack of three.

    4. A pair of gold-filled chunky hoops that'll go with anything. Gold-filled jewelry contains more gold than a plated piece (and it’s sturdier!), but it won’t make as big a dent in your wallet as solid gold will!

    LuzJewelsCo / Via

    Get it from LuzJewelCo on Etsy for $29.

    5. These macrame coasters that are both adorable and functional. These lil' guys will keep their coffee table clean and home aesthetic on point.

    five macrame coasters
    IslaVidaDesigns / Via

    Get a set from IslaVidaDesigns on Etsy for $25+. Available in six colours and three bundles.

    6. This vegan candy kit that'll satisfy your sweet tooth with a mix of delicious chocolates, gummies, and other goodies.

    the sweets in the box that says veganfitkit
    VeganFitKit / Via

    And 10% of all profits from Christmas Sales of the box will go towards Covenant House who provide support for our homeless and at-risk youth.

    Get it from VeganFitKit on Etsy for $54.99.

    7. A set of concrete geometric pots that'll be the home that your plants deserve. They'll also make cute stationery holders if that's more your thing.

    four different geometric planters with different kinds of succulents in them
    GreenBegonia / Via

    Get a set of four from GreenBegonia for $55+. Available in three colours and an optional saucer.

    8. This floral wallpaper that'll add a fun pop of colour to an accent wall or a whole room. It's completely removable so you won't have to worry if you change your mind in a few months.

    a bedroom with the floral wallpaper
    RockyMountainDecals / Via

    Get it from RockyMountainDecals for $14.61+. Available in nine sizes.

    9. This luxurious marble cheeseboard set that'll make your next wine and cheese night feel extra fancy. Fun fact: the marble is the same kind that the Taj Mahal is made with.

    the marble plate that says eat with three gold cheese knives
    GKCANADA / Via

    It comes with three gold cheese knives.

    Get it from GKCANADA on Etsy for $49.73.

    10. A laundry guide print that'll help you remember what all those random symbols on your clothes mean. Gone are the days of ruining your favourite sweaters and blouses.

    laundry symbols and what they mean
    MaplewoodPrints / Via

    Get it from MaplewoodPrints on Etsy for $17+. Available in seven sizes.

    11. A custom letter necklace that you can customize with your name, a cute symbol, or a combination of the two.

    person holding a necklace that says MAMA
    Silveregy / Via

    Get it from Silveregy on Etsy for $28.20+. Available in 18 colour and length combinations and up to 11 symbols or letters.

    12. A door opener that'll help you get around without having to touch anything (because we're in a pandemic after all). The silicone tip works on touch screens so you don't have get your fingers all up on the machine at the grocery store.

    four keychain door openers on a table
    MianMarket / Via

    Get it from MianMarket on Etsy for $9.99. Available in two colours.

    13. These lip balms that'll keep your kisser hydrated this winter. They're packed with natural ingredients like cocoa butter and vitamin E oil that taste and smell amazing.

    seven lip balms lined up in a row
    SoapBliss / Via

    Get them for $5 each from SoapBliss on Etsy. Available in buttermint, lime mint, coconut, and cherry flavours.

    14. A pack of travel-themed stickers, if you can't wait to travel again. You can use them in a journal to reminisce on past trips or stick them around the house to keep your hopes up for your future travels.

    KasuyShop / Via

    Get a random pack of ten from KasuyShop on Etsy for $2.75.

    15. These custom cup sleeves that'll keep your fingers from burning or freezing. You can choose from a variety of fonts and colours to make sure no one will mistake your drink for theirs again.

    cup sleeves that say eric, malcolm, julie, and lisa
    LouGrenadine / Via

    Get one from LouGrenadine on Etsy for $10.

    16. These leather cord tacos that'll help you organize all of your random chargers and cables. They come in three bright colours so you can easily figure out which cable does what.

    two leather tacos with cords in them
    ZenokLeather / Via

    Get them from ZenokLeather on Etsy for $6.64+. Available in three colours and in sets of one, three, or five.

    17. A pack of bath bombs that'll help you unwind after a long day. Each one is a little different so you'll be able to enjoy a different colour and scent every time.

    bag filled with bath bombs
    CraftedBath / Via

    Get a pack of 15 from CraftedBath on Etsy for $21.99.

    18. A pack of affirmation cards for the badass in you. Reviewers love sharing them with friends to bring up their spirits when they're feeling down.

    a pack of the cards on a bag that says affirmations for a badass
    RelishGoods / Via

    Get a set of 40 from RelishGoods on Etsy for $30.

    19. And lastly, this bubble tea plush that'll give your furry friend something to chew on that isn't your shoe. It has a squeaker, so they'll likely be able to entertain themselves for hours at a time.

    little white dog with the plush
    MomoTails / Via

    Get it from MomoTails on Etsy for $15.50.

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