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    24 Comfy And Cozy Products That'll Make You Feel Like You Never Got Out Of Bed

    My pillow is my best friend.

    1. This tie-dye set that'll have you loungin' in style. It has an adjustable waistband and uber spacious pockets — what more could you ask for?

    person sitting on the edge of a couch in the set

    2. A pair of slipper socks that'll keep your always-freezing toes nice and toasty this winter. They have little grips on the bottom, so you won't slip and fall on your hardwood.

    pair of socks showing front and back with grips

    3. This faux sherpa jacket that'll keep you warm in style. It's ultra soft and your pet or significant other won't be able to resist snuggling up to you when you're wearing it.

    person wearing the sherpa jacket

    4. This soft handmade scarf that's inspired by the traditional schoolbags of Karenni children living in Northern Thailand. It's woven by female refugee artisans of Karen and Karenni ethnicities.

    scarf with a corner folded up

    5. This heated blanket for days when you just need that extra comfort. It has ten heat settings, so you can adjust it as your body temp changes throughout the day.

    person drinking out of a mug with the blanket wrapped around them

    6. A rechargeable hand warmer that'll keep your fingers from freezing this winter. It has three heat settings and even doubles as a power bank.

    person holding the hand warmer looking out a window

    7. This cotton eye mask that'll comfortably block out all light if you're a sensitive sleeper. Reviewers say it has improved their sleep, and love that it doesn't leave a mark on their face like other eye masks.

    person on a plane with the eye mask and someone lying in a bed with it

    8. A wearable blanket that's fittingly named "The Comfy." It'll make you feel like you're still in bed, even when you're puttering around your house.

    two people sitting together wearing the comfy wearable blanket

    9. A set of wool socks that'll keep your toes warm if your circulation sucks. Reviewers love how their feet don't get too hot or itchy in them.

    three shots of peoples legs in the socks, sitting on a couch, standing and in a chair

    10. This slouchy beanie that'll make you feel like your head is basically still on your pillow. The little puff is actually removable, giving you two different looks in one (or if you buy multiple colours, you can mix and match!).

    person looking away from camera showing off hat

    11. This neck warmer with a furry lining that'll keep you bundled when you're out and about. Reviewers say it prevents windburn and even use it to keep their pets warm.

    person wearing the neck warmer from front back and three quarter angles and pulled up over mouth

    12. A pair of soft slippers that'll keep your feet protected from the cold, cold floor. The insoles are padded with memory foam, so they'll mould to your tootsies and make it feel like you're walking on an actual cloud.

    person wearing a pair of slippers and holding a pair

    13. These handmade over-the-knee socks so that you can wear your favourite skirts and dresses in the winter. They'll be warmer than your sheer stockings and can even be worn overtop of leggings

    14. An out of this world pillow that you can snuggle up to while working from home or watching Netflix.

    mix of star and moon pillows on a rug and in a basket

    15. This cozy turtleneck sweater that'll keep you snug from the cold winter winds. It'll dress up any look and go with everything from sweats to jeans.

    Person wearing the sweater looking at the camera

    16. This memory foam seat cushion to keep your tush from going numb after hours sitting. Reviewers love the shape for relieving pain from sensitive backs and tailbones.

    the cushion with the words seat cushion on the side

    17. This plush robe that'll make you feel like you're spending a day at the spa. It'll dry you off in a jiffy and you'll never want to take it off.

    person standing in the bathrobe

    18. A weighted blanket that'll feel like a big, comforting hug. Reviewers say using it has worked wonders for their anxiety and insomnia, and that it helps them fall asleep faster, too!

    19. A chunky knit blanket that'll be like wearing the world's comfiest sweater. It's made of a vegan yarn, so it won't itch like regular wool.

    Chunky knit on a chair

    20. This hot water bottle that'll soothe all your cramps and aches, for those days where you really just can't. It comes with a little turtleneck sweater, so it won't scald your skin.

    hot water bottle on a bed next to a cup of coffee

    21. This cashmere throw that doubles as a luxurious scarf. It's small enough to pack in your weekender, so you can bring it on your next winter adventure.

    22. A pretty throw that'll make a great addition to your living room decor. If you love wrapping yourself like a burrito, this blanket will definitely come in handy.

    the throw in four different colours on a couch

    23. A T-shirt for the person that prefers the comfort of their own home. It's handmade in Canada and reviewers love how soft the fabric is.

    t shirt that says homebody on it

    24. This hoodie that's basically the holy grail of comfy clothes. There are 60 (!!!) colours options so you can get one for every day of the week.

    person wearing the hoodie

    You after getting all these products for yourself:

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