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    20 Gifts For Your Significant Other That Are Really For Yourself

    What's yours is mine.

    1. A heated massager that'll help them (and you) unwind after a long day. Reviewers love how versatile it is and love that they can customize the speed and intensity of their massage with just a few clicks.

    woman using the massager around her neck

    2. A SodaStream Genesis if you both love sparkling water, but don't love lugging cases of it home from the grocery store. It'll also help them save a few bucks on pop, because their La Croix habit is getting expensive.

    soda stream on counter in use

    3. A seven piece cocktail set, so they can level up their bartending game. You'll get to be their official tester when they start shaking up some yummy drinks (a true win-win, if you ask me).

    4. A hoodie that you'll definitely be stealing at some point. Reviewers love how soft and warm the fabric is, meaning your S.O. will be extra cozy to snuggle up against this winter.

    man wearing hoodie

    5. A battery pack that'll fully charge their phone up to three times. Reviewers say it charges their devices at lightning speed and love that it's compatible with everything from tablets to wireless earphones.

    person sitting on a bench with their portable charger

    6. An adjustable tripod that'll come in handy if they love vlogging or making TikToks. It comes with a Bluetooth remote, so you can take a cute photo together, without running to catch the self timer.

    tripod in the woods on a rail

    7. A box of conversation starters for couples that'll bring you closer together. The 135 questions will keep you chatting for hours, which they'll adore if their love language is quality time.

    8. A pen and paintbrush organizer that'll store their favourite tools of the trade and keep their crafty goods in one place. Now they'll finally be able to clear off that workstation that's been driving you crazy.

    pens and brushes in the organizer

    9. A bottle of Poo-Pourri that'll leave the bathroom smelling like fresh lemons. If you've been spending a lot of time at home together, this spray-before-you-go blend of essential oils will keep you both breathing easier.

    bottles of poo-pourri next to lemons

    10. A pack of retro popcorn containers that'll make movie nights so much better. They also won't rip like flimsy popcorn bags, so you won't have to vacuum up a mess of kernels after the credits roll.

    five buckets stacked and one full of popcorn

    11. These shooter moulds, so they can make some bouncy Jell-O glasses or itty-bitty ice cups for your next date night. Reviewers love how easily the shot glasses pop out, no matter what ingredients they're packed with.

    12. A rechargeable hand warmer that'll keep their fingers from freezing this winter, so you can actually hold their hand. It has three heat settings and even doubles as a power bank.

    woman holding the portable heater

    13. A Kindle Paperwhite that can hold an entire library of books, so they won't clutter up your apartment with stacks of novels and comics. A single charge can last up to six weeks and it has an anti-glare screen, meaning they can even read in the sun.

    person writing notes with Kindle next to them

    14. A customizable LED lightbox so that you can leave each other encouraging messages or funny jokes. It'll make a cute decoration that'll add some personality to any room of your home.

    person holding up the box that says lets be adventurers

    15. The new Echo Dot that'll make both of your lives easier. It's basically a pint-sized virtual assistant that'll tell them the weather, play their favourite songs, and answer their stupid questions (so you no longer have to).

    the Echo Dot on a table

    16. A wine glass holder that'll keep their vino from spilling all over the bathroom floor. Reviewers also love using it to keep their nearly-empty shampoo bottles propped upside down.

    hand reaching out from bath for wine glass

    17. A pack of bath salts that'll soothe their muscles after the long day (or year, TBH) they've had. I'm sure they won't mind if you join them in enjoying a eucalyptus and cedarwood-scented soak.

    pack of bath salts with a small bowl of it

    18. This charcuterie set that'll elevate their snacking game and make the perfect addition to any date night. It has grooved edges, so your crackers won't go flying off and a convenient pull out compartment with included utensils.

    board with cheese, grapes, and crackers

    19. A copy of Minecraft for Xbox One that has a co-op mode, so you can play together. If the winter weather is keeping you stuck inside, exploring virtual worlds playing mini games will keep you entertained.

    cover of Minecraft

    20. A grinder that'll bring out every ounce of flavour from their favourite spices or coffee beans. Pre-ground herbs and beans lose a lot of their flavour through air exposure, so they'll never go back once they start making their own.

    person holding grinder

    You watching them open their presents:

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