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    28 Handmade Gifts From Etsy Canada That’ll Make Them Feel Really Special

    Presents with pizzazz!

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A Christmas ornament that pretty much sums up 2020. You can also use it as a gift tag to commemorate the first (and hopefully last!) pandemic holiday season.

    four ornaments that say our first pandemic 2020, merry christmas 2020 with a snowman with a mask on, we survived 2020 with a toilet paper roll, and 2020 the year we all stayed home
    GandCsCreations / Via

    Get it from GandCsCreations on Etsy for $10.95+. Available in seven styles.

    2. This ball pit that'll be a winner with the tots in your life. It's made of soft memory foam and cotton, so it's super gentle for even the littlest members of the family.

    BaluOrganics / Via

    The zippered cotton cover is removable for easy washing. Don't forget to get the balls to fill it with!

    Get it from BaluOrganics for $129.99. Available in three colours.

    3. These beeswax wrappers that are a sustainable alternative for plastic wrap. They become pliable with the heat of your hands and are great to put directly over fruit, since beeswax is naturally antibacterial. And just look at those cute kitties!

    Olsenolsendesign / Via

    Get a pack of two from Olsenolsendesign on Etsy for $9.99+. Also available in a pack of three.

    4. These soaps that you can mix and match from ten yummy scents. Some of the soaps have exfoliating properties, making them perfect for the person in your life who likes to get a little down and dirty.

    four soaps lined up that are named grease monkey, garden party, key lime, and sweet tea
    GreenpetalSoapworks / Via

    Get a pack of three from GreenpetalSoapworks on Etsy for $16+. Also available in a pack of six.

    5. This hilarious poutine candle that looks good enough to eat. It’s possibly the most Canadian gift you can get — and don’t worry, the scent is actually coconut cream, so they won’t be too tempted to take a bite.

    candle that looks like poutine
    MainandLocal / Via

    Get it from MainandLocal on Etsy for $18.99.

    6. These gourmet BBQ rubs for the grill master in your life. Give the whole pack to one person or stuff each one in a stocking for a flavourful surprise.

    box of six spices in jars
    purposedesign / Via

    These spices are blended in small batches and each blend is a custom recipe.

    Get the pack of six from purposedesign on Etsy for $27.39.

    7. This personalized cheese board that includes an engraving of your choice — a thoughtful touch that is sure to get you on the nice list this year.

    cheese board with bread, cheese, wine, and three knives
    JMlabonneimpression / Via

    Get it from JMlabonneimpression on Etsy for $82.55.

    8. A custom birthstone necklace that’ll make a great gift for any parent who wants to keep a little bit of everyone close to their heart. You can select the number of birthstones and the types to make a truly personal present.

    close up of necklace on neck with five birthstones
    Magicpersonalized / Via

    Get it from Magicpersonalized on Etsy for $27+.

    9. This sardine cat toy, if your cat is actually your child and deserves gifts, too. Each toy is filled with more than two tablespoons of strong catnip, so your feline friend will love it.

    MiniTigerDesign / Via

    Get it from MiniTigerDesign on Etsy for $15.99. Available in three colours.

    10. This poster for the coffee lover in your life that'll make a cute addition to their kitchen. They can also use it as a guide to remind them how to make their favourite cup of joe.

    coffee poster with nine different kinds of beverages
    SnaptureThis / Via

    Get it from SnaptureThis on Etsy for $15.

    11. An exercise headband that’ll keep their hair out of their face. Reviewers love using it for winter workouts to keep their noggin’ and ears nice and toasty in cold weather.

    woman with headband on putting an earphone in her ear
    FeathersandFancy / Via

    Get it from FeathersandFancy on Etsy for $15+. Available in three styles and three bundles.

    12. A pair of gold-filled chunky hoops that'll go with anything. Gold-filled jewelry contains more gold than a plated piece (and it’s sturdier!), but it won’t make as big a dent in your wallet as solid gold will!

    LuzJewelsCo / Via

    Get it from LuzJewelCo on Etsy for $29.

    13. This boho makeup bag that'll fit all of their daily essentials and look so cute on their vanity. If you really want to impress, you can even fill it with some goodies as an alternative to a stocking!

    makeup bag next to some makeup brushes
    CoussinsElegance / Via

    Get it from CoussinsElegance on Etsy for $28.95.

    14. These leather wristlets that'll make a great gift for that person who's always losing their keys (ahem, me). You can get their name printed on it with 14k gold foil to make this gift really shine.

    leather wristlets and person holding one above the other ones that says Lauren on it
    Keyaiiira / Via

    They are made with bi-product leather that is responsibly sourced.

    Get it from Keyaiiira on Etsy for $28.75+. Available in seven colours and four personalization options.

    15. A fluffy pillow cover that’ll make them feel like they’re lying on a cloud (and right now, everyone wants to be comfortable).

    two pillows and a throw on a couch
    almahomevintage / Via

    Don't forget to buy some pillow inserts.

    Get it from almahomevintage on Etsy for $36+. Available in five sizes and three colours.

    16. These macrame coasters that are both adorable and functional. These lil' guys will keep their coffee table clean and home aesthetic on point.

    five macrame coasters
    IslaVidaDesigns / Via

    Get a set from IslaVidaDesigns on Etsy for $25+. Available in six colours and three bundles.

    17. And a mug to pair with their new coasters! These fun dip-designed mugs can also be used as a plant pot or stationary holder.

    row of six mugs with upside down drip pattern
    Parceline / Via

    Get it from Parceline on Etsy for $26+.

    18. This minimalistic, wave-shaped ring for the person who really misses seeing the ocean — now they’ll have a piece of it to hold onto.

    hand with ring on middle finger
    TheHumbleRing / Via

    Get it from TheHumbleRing on Etsy for $13.50. Available in thirteen sizes and five finishes.

    19. This bubble tea kit that comes with everything they'll need to make the perfect tapioca drink. Not only is it a fun and delicious gift, it’ll also save them $$$, since they won’t have to buy it from the shop.

    the packaging of Bubble Kitt
    BubbleKitt / Via

    The small kit makes 4-5 drinks and the large kit makes 8-10.

    Get it from BubbleKitt on Etsy for $36.50+. Available in two sizes.

    20. This laptop tray that's perfect for the person whose home office is their couch. Now they can keep up with the Kardashians while getting stuff done — multitasking win!

    a laptop and notepad with pen on wooden tray
    WellnessHut / Via

    The tray has vents so their laptop won’t overheat, and a flat section for taking notes.

    Get it from WellnessHut on Etsy for $80.01. Available in a left- or right-handed orientation.

    21. A cute knot pillow that'll make a fun statement in any room. This gift will ~knot~ disappoint (unlike that pun).

    a basket of knot pillows with someone holding one on the side
    SilverSeaCrafts / Via

    Get it from SilverSeaCrafts on Etsy for $50. Available in nine colours.

    22. A T-shirt for the person that prefers the comfort of their own home.

    white t-shirt that says homebody
    SimpleJoysShop / Via

    Reviewers love how soft the fabric is.

    Get it from SimplyJoysShop on Etsy for $34+. Available in six sizes from XS to 2XL.

    23. This phone case that’s perfect for the plant lover who had to shut down their garden for the season. Now they’ll always have some greenery close by, even in a winter wonderland.

    iphone with case on with tropical leaf design
    marblefy / Via

    Get it from marblefy on Etsy for $14.99. Available for seven iPhone models.

    24. This handcrafted watch made of wood and leather. Reviewers love adding a personalized engraving on the back to make this gift a timeless timepiece.

    arm with wooden watch on
    AngieWoodCreationsCo / Via

    Get it from AngieWoodCreationsCo on Etsy for $43.20. Available in two colours.

    25. A jar of bath bombs that are shaped like hearts so they'll know just how much you love them.

    five jars of bath bomb hearts stacked on each other
    SeasideOrganicsNS / Via

    Each jar contains 18-20 bath bombs.

    Get a jar from SeasideOrganicsNS for $15. Available in 23 scents.

    26. This pretty set of clay terrazzo earrings that’ll make a bold statement for the most glamorous person in your life.

    pair of clay earrings
    KajuCreations / Via

    Get a pair from KajuCreations on Etsy for $42.

    27. An egg bath mat that'll make morning showers a little sunnier.

    bath mat that looks like an over easy egg
    Marchedeluxe / Via

    Get it from Marchedeluxe on Etsy for $34.60. Also available in a stone pattern.

    28. A set of multicoloured ring displays to show off their 🎵fiiiiive gooolden rings🎵. These little concrete diamonds will keep their favourite pieces organized, so they never get left on the bathroom counter again.

    five ring holders with a ring on one of them
    mindtheminimal / Via

    Get a set of five from mindtheminimal on Etsy for $20.

    You on your way to spread holiday cheer:

    Amazon Prime / Via

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