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    18 Gifts For The Biggest "Friends" Fan In Your Life

    I'll be there for you.

    1. This Central Perk mug that’ll make them feel like they’re drinking coffee with the gang. Reviewers love how big it is (some even use it as a soup bowl!).

    central perk mug on a kitchen table surrounded by jars and a spoon

    2. Or this water bottle, if coffee's not really their thing. Reviewers say it keeps their water cold for the entire day.

    water bottle that says central perk on it

    3. The official Friends cookbook that features favourites like Monica's Thanksgiving leftover sandwich and Joey's meatball sub. Each recipe includes the episode that it was inspired by, so they can watch along while they cook.

    cover of the cookbook with a turkey and pictures of the friends that says written by Amanda Yee

    4. This ornament that's an accurate representation of the episode we've all been living in. It'll definitely be one to look back on in the years to come.

    the ornament on a tree that says christmas 2020 the one where we all quarantined

    5. This Friends trivia game that'll test whether they’re a regular fan or a super fan. There are 100 questions in the deck, so it'll keep them entertained for hours.

    person pulling out a card from the deck

    6. Or these trivia coasters, which are a more practical way to get scratch their Friends trivia itch, without scratching up the furniture.

    pile of round coasters with different friends trivia questions

    7. A keychain that'll remind them that their friends are never too far away.

    peephole frame keychain with a key

    8. This Lego kit that's a replica of Central Perk. The 1,070-piece set will give them the nostalgia of building Legos, but with a pop culture twist.

    person building the lego set

    9. A pack of stickers that'll remind them of all of their favourite scenes and iconic moments from the show. The pack comes with 50 (!!!) stickers, so they'll probably run out of places to stick them before running out of stickers.

    various stickers on an ipad with popular sayings from the show like she's his lobster

    10. This fill-in book that you can personalize with prompts about your friendship. They'll feel extra special when they read through your thoughtful answers.

    11. This cushion cover that pretty much sums up the personality traits of each of the friends.

    cushion cover that says dress like rachel flirt like joey clean like monica sing like phoebe joke like chandler and love like ross

    12. This peephole frame that's like the one in Monica and Rachel’s apartment. If they don't have a peephole, they can use it to frame a picture of your friend group.

    peephole frame on door in apartment

    13. This phone case that'll keep their favourite quotes close and their cell protected.

    phone case off phone and on phone

    14. These baby onesies for the littlest friend in your life.

    onesies that say central perk with two milk bottles frankie say relax they don't know that we know they know we know and moo point it's like cow's opinion it just doesn't matter it's moo point joey

    15. This stemless wine glass for the BFF that loves vino. Rachel and Monica went through so much together, so whoever you gift this to will definitely appreciate it.

    stemless wine glass that says you're the rachel to my monica

    16. A lanyard that'll keep their keys or work badge on them while freeing up their hands. They can use the sturdy clip to hook their keys onto their bag or the phone string to loop around a phone case.

    three lanyards with notable friends symbols like a lobster

    17. This puzzle that'll make a fun afternoon activity for the fan who knows all the scenes by heart. It’s 1,000 pieces, so it won’t be a piece of cake, but it won’t take forever, either.

    completed puzzle on floor next to box

    18. This cute makeup bag with illustrations of some iconic symbols from the show. Reviewers love how it fits all of their essentials, while still being compact enough to travel with.

    makeup bag with brushed, perfumes, nail polish, and beauty blender

    Them when they open their gift:

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