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    33 Kitchen Gadgets You Might Love, If You're Cooking More Than Ever

    Good food, good mood.

    1. This fruit corer that'll save you so much prep time for that apple pie recipe you've been dying to try. Clean up is even easier—the handle has a hinge that'll let you effortlessly pop the core out without having to reach inside and grab it.

    person coring an apple with the device

    2. A pack of food containers, if you're planning doing some meal prepping this year. They have three separate compartments, which is great if you hate when your food touches (or if you're throwing a dessert in there!).

    the meal kits in the fridge

    3. A pair of herb scissors that'll snip up any tricky-to-chop greens in no time. Then you can use the little comb it comes with to pull out any bits stuck in between the five blades.

    person snipping scallions in a plate and scallions on eggs benedict

    4. A set of cooking utensils that'll help you tackle any recipe, no matter how complicated. The heads are all made of silicone, so they won't scratch up all your pots and pans.

    the set of utensils on a table

    5. This crepe-maker that'll make perfectly thin crepes with just one dip. Whether you like a salty or sweet snack, even novice cooks can use it effortlessly.

    a table with crepe wraps, a plate of batter, eggs, the crepe maker, butter, and some crepes.

    6. A versatile 23-in-1 multitool that's basically a sous chef in a gadget. It'll chop, slice, and shred your veggies to any shape or size of your liking that you can store right in the base container.

    the tool on a table with all the attachments and some chopped vegetables

    7. A collapsible colander that'll fit right over your sink. It'll catch food scraps, help you wash veggies, and just make cooking and cleaning so much easier.

    person drying grapes with the colander

    8. A magical odour-removal bar that'll get rid of any unpleasant smells that like to linger on your hands with just a few rubs under the faucet. Reviewers say they even like to have it on hand for fishing trips or in their sports bag.

    person holding the stainless steel bar under the sink

    9. These toaster bags that'll help you make a grilled-cheese sandwich without having to wash a single plate. They can also help you crisp up things you couldn't normally with a toaster, like fries or pizza.

    foods in the bags like sandwiches, fries, and a slice of people

    10. A two-step knife sharpening tool that'll restore your blades to their former glory. The coarse side will grind even your dullest blades back into shape and the finer side will polish them up, so you can get some seriously smooth slicing.

    person sharpening a knife with the tool

    11. This spoon holder that'll save your stovetop from saucy spills. It's made of silicone so it's easy to clean, and reviewers even use it as a teether for their little ones.

    wooden spoon on the spoon holder on an oven top

    12. This scraper tool that'll scoop up your chopped food for easy transfer to a pot or pan. Reviewers say it doubles as a dough cutter when they need to divvy up some dough for cookies.

    person using the scraper to pick up some chopped onions

    13. This container lid organizer that'll help you keep your pesky snack box tops in order. It comes with five adjustable dividers, so you can adjust it to fit your container tops perfectly.

    tupperware organizer in a drawer

    14. An herb stripper that'll separate the tasty leafy bits from the hard-to-chew stems on your favourite herbs. It has nine different sized holes, with largest one big enough to de-stem a kale leaf.

    the herb stripper on a table surrounded by various herbs

    15. A set of airtight glass jars that'll save your spices from going stale before you even get a chance to cook with them. They come with waterproof labels, so you'll never be stuck guessing whether you're using basil or oregano.

    16. These fridge bins that’ll organize all your grocery essentials, from your condiments to your veggies, in easy-to-find compartments. You’ll never forget about that moldy slice of cheese at the back of the fridge again.

    produce, eggs, sauces, and juices in storage bins in the fridge

    17. A jar opener that'll help you open even the tightest of lids without straining your wrist. Reviewers with arthritis say it does wonders for them because they don't have to grip the jar as tightly.

    person using the lid opener to twist open the lid of a jar

    18. This magnet that'll indicate whether it's time to empty or fill the dishwasher. You'll never have to worry about your partner mixing their dirty dishes in with the newly-washed ones again.

    the magnet on a dishwasher that says clean on one side and dirty on the other side

    19. This knife holder that’ll keep them sorted and save your fingers from accidental knicks when you’re digging through that damn drawer for something (you know the drawer I’m talking about).

     A kitchen drawer full of utensils and the knife organizer

    20. A pack of monster bag clips that'll keep your food from going stale. Reviewers say they keep their chips crunchy for months on end.

    clips on bags in a drawer

    21. This colander that'll keep your fingers safe from steaming hot pasta water. It'll clip right onto your pot so you won't accidentally dump half your meal in the sink.

    person pouring pasta water out of a pot of pasta using the colander and the person clipping it onto the pot

    22. These measuring cups that are shaped like little chickens and an egg. They can measure six different amounts and are super easy to store, since they stack inside each other.

    23. A tiny whisk that's the perfect size for whipping up a homemade salad dressing or preparing eggs for breakfast. How ~eggcellent~!

    the whisk on a table surrounded by flour and eggs

    24. A donut maker, because dough plus sugar just makes everything better. Reviewers love how fast it is and say they have ready-to-eat donuts within two minutes.

    donut maker surrounded by donuts

    25. A set of bowls and spoons that'll be easy to stack and store, if you're working with limited kitchen space. The bowls have a little lip, so they can pour mixes and batters without spilling.

    26. This can colander that'll help you drain cans of veggies or tuna without getting making a mess all over the sink.

    person draining water from can using colander

    27. A knife block that'll save your fingers from getting nicked by keeping them in drawers. The clear base will help them see which knife they’re reaching for, which will make for quick and easy kitchen prep.

    knives in the knife block

    28. A pack of egg poacher cups that'll poach the perfect egg every time. They're so much easier to clean and will actually keep the entire egg in one piece.

    29. An oven liner that'll catch fallen food if you're always baking. Reviewers love that it’s easy to clean, saving them from having to crawl inside the oven to clean, Hansel and Gretel-style.

    pizza in the oven with cheese dripped onto oven mat

    30. A set of taco holders that'll keep your favourite Mexican dish intact. Reviewers say it holds both hard and soft shelled tacos and that the multiple colours help differentiate everyone's topping combinations.

    tacos in the taco holder

    31. Or this dinosaur taco holder, if you want to make your taco night really fun. And if you're not a taco kind of person, it'll also hold your sandwich or waffle.

    dinosaur taco holder with

    32. A grinder that'll bring out every ounce of flavour from your favourite spices or coffee beans. Pre-ground herbs and beans lose a lot of their flavour through air exposure, so you'll never go back once you start making their own.

    person holding grinder

    33. And lastly, this cotton apron so you can chef it up without getting sauce all over yourself. It has big middle pocket to hold your cellphone or recipe card while keeping your hands free.

    person wearing the apron

    Bon Appétit!

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