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    27 Valentine’s Gifts Under $40 That Your Significant Other Will Actually Love

    All you need is love, but a little present won't hurt.

    1. This mug that'll remind them just how much you love spending time with them. It's bigger than a standard mug, so they can enjoy a few extra sips of their favourite coffee in the mornings.

    person holding a mug with sloth drawings that says I'll always hang with you

    2. This vial stand for your partner who has a green thumb. It'll replace their makeshift propagation station and display their latest cuttings in style.

    plant in vial on stand

    3. This shaker bottle that'll ensure they never drink a clumpy shake again. It comes with two stackable containers and a tray that they can fill with all their essential snacks, supplements, or drink mixes.

    4. A box of conversation starters for couples so you can spend time learning something new about each other. The 100 questions will keep you chatting for hours, which they'll adore if their love language is quality time.

    5. An LED neon light that'll add a soft, dreamy glow to their room. There are over 20(!!!) different styles, from a lightening bolt to a palm tree, so you'll definitely be able to find one that fits their style.

    6. An ergonomic mouse that'll take the strain off their wrists if they've been working hard at their computer. It has six buttons, so you'll be making their lives a lot easier, too.

    close up of hand of person using the ergonomic mouse

    7. A white noise machine that they'll seriously appreciate if they live in a noisy apartment. It has eight soothing sounds from ocean waves to crickets chirping, with auto-timer settings that'll keep it from playing all night long.

    the white noise machine with buttons that indicate the sound like a wave and a fan

    8. This foaming bubble bath that'll help them unwind, because they deserve a little break. It has lavender and epsom salts to help soothe both their mind and body.

    the bottle of Dr Teals on a wood block next to a candle

    9. A rose quartz facial roller that'll help give them a little massage where they hold the most tension. Reviewers say it has a cooling sensation that helps them relax and reduce puffiness.

    person rolling their face with the roller

    10. A set of beard oil samplers, if your beloved is sporting some facial hair. They're Canadian-made and contain essential oils that won't only smell great but will nourish their whiskers as well.

    the oil samplers on a tree stump

    11. This jewellery organizer that'll display their most prized possessions without tangling them up. Reviewers love how tall it is, and say that they can even hang their longest necklaces.

    jewellery hanging from the jewellery stand

    12. This tumbler that'll keep their coffee hot and cocktails cold. It comes with a lid that'll fit a straw, so they can enjoy their favourite drinks even if they have sensitive teeth.

    the tumbler on a wood plate

    13. A pair of no show socks that'll be a luxurious treat for their feet. They have little grips on the back, so they won't go sliding off their heels and into their shoes.

    person wearing the socks

    14. A candle that'll smell like a freshly-cut bouquet of flowers. The wooden wick will create a satisfying crackling sound that'll make them feel like they're sitting by the fireplace.

    15. A face mask spray that'll freshen up their mask so they can breathe easy again. The tea tree oil is naturally anti-bacterial, so it'll kill the odour causing bacteria instead of just covering it up.

    a spray bottle that says face mask refreshing spray tea tree and lavender

    16. An initial necklace that'll become their favourite piece of jewellery. Since they're made to order, it'll be one of a kind, just like your valentine.

    person wearing a necklace with the letter S on it

    17. This colouring book that'll combine two of their favourite things. It'll help them relax when they're feeling stressed and even teach them a new recipe or two.

    18. A set of cocktail mixers that'll be a fun way for them to try different drinks if you can't take them out this Valentine's day. Make sure to pick up a shaker bottle and some garnishes to make the experience more authentic.

    19. This Philosophy shampoo, bath, and shower gel that'll leave them feeling fresh and clean. Reviewers love the scent and how much it bubbles up in the bath, turning their bathrooms into an inviting oasis.

    bottle of the gel next to a towel and a mug

    20. A stylish leather bracelet that'll spice up their OOTD. It's made with a locking magnetic clasp so they won't have to worry about it falling off while they're moving around.

    person wearing the leather braided bracelet

    21. This hammock so the two of you can lounge around under the trees when summer rolls around. It comes with a pair of carabiners that'll clip onto one of 24 loops along the straps, so you'll spend less time tying knots and more time cuddling.

    person lying in the hammock that's attached to trees

    22. This silk mask that'll help them sleep better when you’re still on your phone in bed next to them. The strap is adjustable, so it won't squeeze (or fall off) their head while they sleep.

    person lying down on bed with eye mask on

    23. This relaxing sleep spray that'll help them drift off into dreamland. It's made with lavender, frankincense, and chamomile to help them de-stress after a long day.

    the bottle of spray next to lavender and chamomile

    24. This plush wearable blanket that they'll never want to take off. If they're always cold but are constantly moving around, they'll definitely appreciate the sleeves and velcro closure on this baby.

    person wearing the blanket and watching TV

    25. This ice stirrer mould that'll make mini guitar-cicles for the rockstar in your life. They could also fill the mould with juice to make a refreshing little popsicle.

    26. An adjustable stand that'll hold their phone or tablet, so they can free up their hands for more important things (like drinking coffee or holding your hand!). They can adjust the height and angle, so they won't have to crane their neck over it all day.

    person drinking out of a mug and watching something on their phone on the stand

    27. And lastly, this chonky corgi plush that'll be the only thing they'll cuddle more than you. Reviewers say it's super squishy, so it'll be comfortable to sleep on, too.

    two corgi plushies stacked together

    Them after you give them everything on this list:

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