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    25 Reusable Products That'll Help You Say Goodbye To Disposables For Good

    Reduce, reuse, recycle.

    1. These beeswax wrappers that are a sustainable alternative for plastic wrap. They become pliable with the heat of your hands and are great to put directly over fruit, since beeswax is naturally antibacterial.

    hand holding three wax wrapper

    2. Or these pretty food covers that'll perfectly hug your bowls to seal up leftovers. Reviewers love using them to cover dough while it rises.

    the covers on bowls of noodles

    3. These custom cup sleeves that'll keep your fingers from burning or freezing. You can choose from a variety of fonts and colours to make sure no one will mistake your drink for theirs again.

    cup sleeves that say eric, malcolm, julie, and lisa

    4. A pack of reusable cotton pads that'll feel seriously soft on your skin and save you some drawer space, too. They're made of bamboo, which is naturally antibacterial, so you won't have to worry about them building up germs.

    the cotton pads

    5. A fleece duster head that'll fit on a Swiffer handle to help you keep your home dust and waste-free. They'll save you some $$$ in the long-run, since you can just pop them in the wash.

    the duster head on a Swiffer handle

    6. A pair of snack bags that’ll replace those plastic sandwich bags — both in functionality and looks! They have a zipper enclosure, so you won't have to worry about them accidentally opening and spilling your crackers all over the place.

    the cactus printed bags with a sandwich and carrot sticks inside them

    7. A pack of silicone piping bags that'll wash off easily and give you more control. Reviewers say that the seams are super sturdy, so they no longer have to deal with exploding icing situations.

    A person icing a cupcake with a silicone pastry bag.

    8. A mesh grocery bag that'll hold all your produce and help you easily see what you already have. It's strong enough to hold up to 10kg, so you can lug all of your groceries home in one trip.

    mesh bag hanging with fruit in it

    9. A fabric face mask that you can actually match with your outfit. It has a pocket for a filter, so they're just a functional as they are stylish.

    10. A set of silicone swabs that'll help you get into all those hard-to-reach places. One has textured tips that'll clear your ears of gunk and the other one has smooth tips that'll make applying makeup a breeze.

    the silicone swabs on a table next to the carrying case

    11. Or this earwax-removing tool that'll banish cotton swabs for good. It even has a tiny camera, so you won't have to blindly jab your eardrums until they hurt.

    A person using the tool and the display on a phone

    12. A pack of sponge cloths that'll help you kiss paper towels goodbye. They'll hold up to 15 times their weight in water so you'll be able to clean big surfaces like your counters or floor in just a few swipes.

    two sponges on a floor

    13. A collapsible tumbler that you can bring with you on the go or in the coffee shop. You can drink from the lid or with the included silicone straw, so you can sip away on cold or hot drinks.

    14. A pack of makeup remover cloths that'll take off all your glam with just water and a few swipes. They use super soft microfibres to remove stubborn gunk, so you'll never need another disposable wipe again.

    five of the cloths on a sink

    15. A fabric tea bag that'll give you the freedom to use whichever tea blend you want. It features two little charms that'll help balance the weight of the tea so you'll be able to remove it without fishing around in your mug.

    three tea bags displayed

    16. Or a cotton coffee filter, if coffee's more your jam. The weave is super fine, so you won't have to worry about drinking up any coffee grounds with your morning brew.

    a coffee maker with the reusable coffee filter in it

    17. A set of airtight glass jars so you can buy your spices in bulk. They come with waterproof labels, so you'll never be stuck guessing whether you're using basil or oregano.

    glass bottles filled with spices with one that has a funnel in it

    18. A reusable popcorn container that's cleaner, cheaper, and more eco-friendly than its paper bag alternative. It can double as a bowl, so you'll have one less dirty dish to clean.

    19. A set of microfibre cleaning cloths that'll pick up every last speck of dust. They're more absorbent than a paper towel but won't smell like a cloth rag, making them the perfect cleaning tool.

    person wiping an oven unit with a microfibre towel

    20. A drain snake that'll pull up the hair monster that's been living in your sink or shower. It comes with a rotating handle that'll loosen up the clog so you don't have to spend big bucks on bottles of drain cleaner.

    drain snake pulling out hair from a sink

    21. A pair of wool dryer balls that'll help your laundry dry faster and more evenly. They'll also help soften their clothes, so they'll never be stuck with overly-crisp linens or tees.

    two dryer balls

    22. A pack of metal straws that'll help kick single-use straws to the curb. It comes with a portable bag, so you can bring it with you (when restaurants are open again) if you hate the soggy paper straws that come with your drink.

    pair of straws and the brush with a bag on a table top

    23. A Diva Cup that'll replace your tampons and pads when it's that time of the month. Reviewers say it's super convenient and that they even use it while they sleep (up to 12 hours!).

    person folding the menstrual cup

    24. This rubber scraper that'll replace your lint rollers that always seem to run out. It's simple, but the rubber ends really grab onto fur and fluff.

    25. These hand warmers that'll keep your digits nice and toasty this winter. Just pop them into the microwave for a few seconds to heat them up (or the freezer overnight to use them as an ice pack).

    person holding two of the hand warmers

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