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    30 Products You'll Probably Want If You're In Need Of Some Retail Therapy

    I want them all.

    1. A period bundle that'll help relieve all of your PMS woes. It comes with a heating pack, cramp oil, and breakout oil to help you get through that time of the month.

    person holding heating pad on their stomach in one hand and the oil in the other hand

    2. A smart skipping rope that'll track your workout so you can see your exercise stats right from your phone. You can also adjust the length of the rope to fit your height so, you won't be stuck tripping over it.

    person holding the rope

    3. A pack of shower steamers that'll help open up your sinuses and indulge you in some aromatherapy. Each tablet can be used up to three times, so you can enjoy some serious self-care time with your favourite scents.

    shower tablets on a table next to a stack of towels

    4. A finger and wrist massager that'll help relieve some pain in your hands, if you spend all day typing away. You can also use the steel ball side to relieve tension in other parts of your body (like your neck or shoulders).

    the device surrounded by images of people holding their wrists

    5. A 100% natural skincare set that'll help you unwind while freshening up your skin. They're made in Canada by female founders, so you'll be supporting local just by doing your skincare routine (a true win-win).

    a lip exfoliator, toner spray, and clay mask

    6. A set of reusable grocery bags that'll help you ditch plastics, once and for all. The three smaller bags are great for organizing your produce, if you want to keep your tomatoes separate from your bananas.

    reusable bags filled with fruits and vegetables

    7. A pack of pastel pens that'll help you colour code your notes or give your doodles some pizzazz. They're smear free, so you won't have to worry about your homework smudging all over the place.

    8. A Central Perk diffuser that'll complete your collection of Friends merchandise. You can also use it to measure out the perfect amount of milk or honey for your cup of tea.

    the diffuser in a clear mug

    9. A pair of boot dryers that'll keep your wet footwear from stinking up the whole house. You can also use them to warm up your shoes before heading out into the cold winter abyss.

    a boot with the dryer inside of it

    10. A gel cooling mask that'll help reduce puffiness in the morning and relieve your headaches. You can also pop it in the microwave and use it warm to help open up your sinuses or ease tension.

    person lying down with the gel mask on their face

    11. A set of boot wipes that'll help save your soles from getting destroyed by salt. It works on any leather or suede surface, so you can also use it to protect your jackets and purses, too.

    12. A portable first aid kit that'll come in handy when you least expect it. The bag itself is waterproof, so it'll be the perfect little companion for a camping or hiking trip.

    13. A DIY candle-making kit that'll be the perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon. They'll make a thoughtful Valentine's Day gift that you personally poured your time and effort into.

    four jars, wicks, scents, wax, and pins on a table

    14. A deck of yoga cards that'll help you become a yoga pro in no time. Each card features a different position, so you can mix them up and create a custom workout every time.

    deck of cards with the box next to it

    15. A comfy bodysuit that'll feel like you're wearing nothing at all. Reviewers say it's versatile enough that they're able to workout in it or dress it up with a top and jacket.

    a person wearing the body suit

    16. A pack of airtight bag sealers that'll keep your food fresh for weeks, so you're not stuck eating stale cookies. It'll also save your frozen foods from getting freezer burnt, so you won't have to keep throwing spoiled food out.

    chips and granola in bags sealed with the bag sealers

    17. A bottle of OPI nail strengthener that'll help save your brittle nails from breaking apart. You can use it as a treatment or basecoat, so you won't have to sacrifice using your favourite polish colours.

    person holding the bottle of OPI nail polish

    18. An outlet shelf that'll keep your devices off the floor while they charge. You can also keep it as a permanent installation for your smart home device to stay perched on.

    a phone and a tablet on the outlet shelves

    19. A reading light that'll help you see in the dark, without having to get up and flick a switch when you're ready to go to sleep. It has different brightness levels, so you won't burn your corneas trying to squeeze a few more chapters in.

    person reading a book

    20. A pair of lid covers that'll stop your pot boiling over on your stove. You can also use it to steam veggies or microwave your food without splattering it inside your microwave.

    the lid cover stopping water from boiling over, steaming vegetables, and covering food in the microwave

    21. A shopping cart coin that'll attach to your keychain, so you'll be able to use the grocery store, cart even if you forget your change.

    person using the coin to release a shopping cart

    22. A grill pan that'll give you those crispy grill marks you'd normally get from a barbecue. It's perfect for making food in the winter, when you can't be bothered to set up the BBQ.

    two steaks in the grill pan

    23. A set of collapsible funnels that you'll actually be able to store when you're done with them. The ridges make them easy to fit into different sized containers, so they don't fall over.

    people pouring liquids into containers with the bottle

    24. A pair of gold scissor clips that'll add some flair to your 'do. Reviewers say they do a good job of holding their flyaways down all day long.

    back of persons head with the two clips in

    25. A bento box set that'll help you get all five food groups in one meal. It comes with two dividers that'll separate your snacks if you hate when your food touches.

    bento box filled with fruit, vegetables, and shrimp

    26. A jar of chalk paint that'll transform any surface into a chalkboard that you can draw or take notes on. It'll also give any piece of furniture or decor a matte terracotta look.

    27. A knit pouf that'll give you some extra seating, without closing off the room. You can also use it as a foot rest to kick up your feet after a long day.

    the pouf in a living room next to a couch on a furry carpet

    28. A moon and star wall decoration that'll add some boho vibes to your home. Each piece hooks on individually, so you can play around with the orientation to get a perfectly customized piece of decor.

    the decoration hanging above a bar

    29. A pair of non-slip socks that'll keep you from sliding around while you workout. The cutouts on the toes and top of the foot will make you feel like you're not wearing any socks at all.

    close up on the feet of a person wearing the socks

    30. And lastly, a super-absorbent dish drying mat that won't look hideous in your kitchen. It'll hold up to four times its weight in water, but still end up bone dry in the morning.

    the mat with forks dishes and glasses on it

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