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    56 Things To Help Fix Dinner Problems Before They Even Start

    Bon Appétit. Dinner hacks are served. 🍲🍣

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    1. An Instant Pot 7-in1 Pressure cooker that'll basically do all of the cooking for you. With all of these features, all you'll really have to do in the kitchen is, well, exist.

    2. A digital meat thermometer so you always know when the meat is done and you can stop ~beefing~ with under- and over-cooked food. It's foldable and designed with a magnet so you can stick it right on your fridge and easily find it later.

    3. A dishwasher magnet to keep EVERYONE in the house on the same page about what's going on with the dishes. You know, because pulling dirty plates from the cabinets to put dinner on is a no-go.

    4. Affresh dishwasher tablets that'll remove odor-causing residue so your dishes actually get clean and are ready for dinner right when you are.

    5. A food processor to cut, slice, dice, crinkle, mince, or puree whatever you need. This baby will make hummus, peanut butter, pesto, and more. It might even autopay your bills but don't hold me to that one.

    6. The Freshly meal delivery service so you can finally skip meal prepping, blowing cash on greasy takeout, and running to the grocery store every other week. The service will deliver up to 12 all-natural, chef-cooked meals a week. All you'll have to do is heat them up in the microwave and dinner is served!

    7. A set of spices in case you get stuck on how to ~spice~ up your food and go beyond your traditional palate.

    8. Chocolate maple pretzel peanut butter spread should you forget to make dessert and want to transform a dinner roll into something sweet. Btw, it's gluten-free!

    9. A three-tier spice rack with drawers to pull out AND down so you can lay eyes on the exact spices you need no matter where you set this in your cabinets.

    10. OR! A pull-down spice rack that'll minimize all the work it takes to sift through disorganized spice bottles and remain attached to your cabinet. It'll also be great for shorter people who hate dragging out a stool to reach spices when they cook.

    11. An "Angry Mama" microwave cleaner so the splatters from reheated leftovers wipe off smooth and easy.

    12. An attachable silicone colander so draining things doesn't have to be so... ya' know... draining. It'll work for your pots, pans, and bowls.

    13. A spill stopper to stop water boiled over from pasta right in its tracks before it travels to your stovetop and creates more mess for you to clean up when you're done eating.

    14. A 3-in-1 avocado slicer that'll prevent you from wasting precious minutes trying to cut an avocado perfectly. This'll cut the fruit in half, remove the pit, and pluck out what's left in perfect slices at record speed.

    15. AND — an avocado saver so you can enjoy half an avocado and whenever you get back to the other half, it'll be ready and as yummy as the first one.

    16. A three-piece produce-saving container set that'll make your fruits and veggies last much longer in the fridge. No more spending your hard-earned duckets on fresh produce just for it to be shriveled before you actually get to enjoy it.

    17. A terra-cotta bear to stick in your brown sugar stash so it retains its moisture for up to six months. Just place it in water for 20 minutes first and then you can kiss rock-hard brown sugar buh-bye.

    18. A can colander for straining your canned foods ~without~ losing one pea, piece of corn, or any other scrumptious thing down the drain with the excess juice. Just snap it on the can and get to pouring. The process is quick and the colander is dishwasher-friendly!

    19. Oven cleaner to transform your stove into an actual clean space for you to cook your dinner in instead of the dirty dungeon it currently is 😬.

    20. A split cereal bowl for anyone who definitely still settles for cereal for dinner when they're too beat to cook something heartier. This cool bowl will certainly help you ~compartmentalize~ your feelings for cereal in a whole new way — and it'll probably be a hit with the whole family so you'll def want more than one of these in your cabinets.

    21. A silverware sorter so you can save space and get to the silverware you need in literal seconds.

    22. A Crock-Pot food warmer to make sure you enjoy hot food from home even when you're super busy and don't even want to leave your workspace for lunch — or have to stay late at work for dinner. No more hot food going cold and getting you all hangry.

    23. A kitchen knife sharpener so you can slice, dice, and carve everything perfectly when you're prepping for din-din.

    24. Animal bag clips to close up any food bags so everything will be fresh whenever you're ready to pick up where you left off. They come in a six-piece set of adorable hedgehogs and foxes. These will help you close up any bags you have for stuff like pasta, sugar, beans, lentils, and even the snacks you have for dinner every once in a blue.

    25. Silicone baking mat sheets so throwing cookies, rolls, and other tasty things into the oven can be a quick, non-messy situation your belly will be so grateful for. There will be more tasty morsels going into your mouth and less of it boiling over and sticking to the bottom of the pan, or worse, the bottom of your oven.

    26. A car sauce holder because sometimes, ya' gotta have dinner while you finesse a steering wheel. No more swerving in the name of dunking chicken tenders.

    27. PLUS, a French fry holder so you can scarf down fries on the go without worrying about dropping any all over your car.

    28. A bamboo utensil set with some of the most iconic Star Wars characters engraved in each one! You know, in case you need the whole Force to help you get the food done.

    29. A microwave pasta cooker so you can get all your noodle-involved meals done in literal minutes before the hangry sets all the way in and you Hulk out! It's supposed to make al dente pasta without sticking in 15 minutes or less.

    30. A NutriBullet blender that'll help you whip up meal replacement smoothies and shakes faster than you can say "yummy!"

    31. A breakfast sandwich maker so when you crave a morning meal for dinner, you can make one at the house instead of throwing dollars at the McDonald's all-day breakfast menu.

    32. Cart trolley bags to make grocery shopping a much faster and more organized experience so you can hurry up and get to the dinner part wayyy sooner than later.

    33. Cut-resistant gloves so you won't accidentally knick your fingers while chopping up your fruits, veggies, and meats.

    34. And! Silicone cooking mitts so your fingers don't get burned while your stomach protests your late dinner time. Eat great, even late, without hurting yourself, please.

    35. A Baby Groot cutting board that's adorably sized for cutting up veggies and fruits. You could also use it as a small serving tray for when you're eating dinner solo. Isn't it so Grooooot?!

    36. A sushi kit so you can give yourself the two-roll special anytime you want and avoid getting takeout for dinner. The kit comes with a roll cutter, a detachable sushi mat, a non-stick rice paddle, two sauce caps, and a pre-measured rice frame. Let the good sushi-making times ROLL🍣!

    37. A cabinet door organizer for storing the cutting boards you'll be pulling out and putting away frequently when you prepare meals. It can hang with its built-in hooks alone but also comes with screws to secure it in place. You can also store other supplies like cookie sheets, foil, and more!

    38. A lid organizer so finally, FINALLY you can locate the tops to all of your plastic containers without having to launch a cabinet-wide search party. It'll hold round and square lids up to nine inches wide and it only takes one minute to set up!

    39. Air-tight food storage containers to keep all your non-perishables fresh — and easy to find since they're clear.

    40. A cooktop cleaning kit so you'll basically get to cook with a brand new stovetop every time you're ready to prepare dinner (without actually having to spend the hundreds of dollars it usually costs to snag one).

    41. A handheld veggie slicer that'll help you get to your veggie noodle dishes in a ~slash~! It has dual stainless-steel cutting blades so you can make thick or thin pasta strands out of your favorite vegetables.

    42. A Star Wars Lightsaber chopsticks set to defend bellies from hunger with the bravery of the Jedi. May the ~forks~ totally NOT be with y'all as long as you have these cool, glowy things to eat with. WARNING: The kids are going to use these like real lightsabers. Snagging two packs of these is only smart.

    43. A split pie pan for any indecisive bakers! This'll for sure help settle the beef between chicken and turkey pot pie in your heart.

    44. OR, an omelet maker made of stoneware clay that'll turn out an egg-cellent omelet in literally 45 seconds! Just spray it with cooking spray and then toss in a lightly beaten egg along with your favorite add-ons (green peppers, anyone?). Then, warm it in the microwave for 45 seconds.

    45. A manual food chopper to break up ground meats, mash your potatoes, or cut up hard-boiled eggs in the pan on the stove or in a bowl.