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    This Food Processor Is Perfect For Anyone Who Wants To Save Time *And* Money

    Attention, fellow millennials: You no longer need a separate credit card for organic nut butters.

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    2018 was the year of getting that bread, but 2019 is all about SAVING that bread. As we all know from upsetting post–Whole Foods bank statements, there's no better way to save money than cooking things yourself instead of buying pre-made goods.

    Weight Watchers

    Oprah was talking about MONEY this whole time! How were we so blind...?

    What if I told you you could save some cold hard cash by making your OWN nut butter, pesto, butter, mayo, salsa, hummus, and bread crumbs *as well as* grind meat, crush ice, shred cheese, kneed dough, and slice veggies with one simple tool? Well, you can with a Cuisinart food processor!

    Who is she? Oh, just one of the most versatile, time- and money-saving kitchen tools ever invented.

    I purchased a food processor with a singular, obsessive goal: making my own butter. It was so much easier than I expected, fresher and more delicious than store-bought, AND cost less than what I would normally buy at the store. Win, win, win.

    Rachel Dunkel / Via Instagram: @racheldunkel

    All I did was pour high-quality whipping cream into the food processor and let it rip for about a minute or so. At that point, you can see the cream separate into butter solids (yum) and buttermilk (that's where it comes from!). Then, you strain the butter and wash and knead it under cold water for another minute or so until the water runs clear.

    Flavor that dang butter with whatever you want! I went with the ~classics~ — salt and honey — but you could use herbs, garlic, sun-dried tomatoes, cinnamon...follow your heart!

    Voila! Delicious homemade butter basically at the touch of a button. Thanks, food processor!

    Rachel Dunkel / Via Instagram: @racheldunkel

    Let's break down the cost, shall we?

    At my local grocery store, a quart of v high-quality whipping cream cost me $3.78 and yielded a pound of butter. Butter from the same farm (same farm = made from the same cream) costs $9 pre-made. That's $5.22 of savings per pound to get the highest quality butter out there that would tbh normally be unaffordable!

    Also, shout out to the parts being dishwasher-safe. Slippery butter dishes are NOT my jam!

    That's just ONE example of what this baby can do — and it's obvi not just me thanking the angels at Cuisinart for this gift from above. Amazon reviewers are *loving* its quality and versatility. Look at this delish hummus!

    Abby Gasparovic / Via

    "The unit works great! We use it for making hummus, slicing vegetables, making mayo (yes, homemade mayonnaise!) and pesto, soups, etc. It's simple to operate, the lid locks securely, and the motor is up capable of pretty much any household cooking task we can throw at it. Seems durable and I bet it will last as long as our old one did." —Matt-Man

    "Fantastic processor!! I made salsa for the first time in my life, and it was better than restaurants. This is a great option for making your own baby food, salsa, and all kinds of things!!! Love this tool in my kitchen!" —JKinGA

    "Perfect product that I really wanted. It kneads dough excellently. It also slices and grates carrots, cucumber, tomatoes, cheese, etc., perfectly. I highly recommend this food processor if you want to save time and your energy kneading a dough. Very compact and easy to clean after use. The only the thing is you have to be very much careful with the blades while handling especially after dough making and while cleaning. Otherwise a good product." —chandra

    Bonus: This machine doesn't just process. It has additional time-saving features to help you with virtually any kitchen hassle. It comes with two reversible shredding and slicing attachments to make quick and simple work of food prep that would normally take 5ever!

    You can ALSO save money by shredding your own cheese and veggies! Pre-shredded is basically code for "twice as expensive."

    "Amazing! This is my first Cuisinart, and I am in love. Now I understand what all the fuss is about. It's easy to use, easy to clean, easy everything. It makes all the veggie chopping a breeze. I love the extra blades it comes with for slicing and grating. I will never grate a carrot again, unless the power goes out for an extended period of time! Lol. Definitely worth the money, and I should have gotten one years ago. There's so much you can do with this that cooking is soooo much less of a chore!" —A. Maez

    It also has a slow-stream feed for emulsifying olive oil into things like homemade mayo or Caesar dressing! Now you don't have to slowly and carefully drizzle oil for minutes at a time because the food processor does it for you! Truly your new sous chef.

    "I absolutely LOVE my new Cuisinart FP-8 Food Processor! I immediately put it through its paces making jam, salad dressing, etc. It works like a champ! It is easy to clean too. The 8-cup capacity is large enough to handle almost anything. The exterior is well designed and the buttons are well marked and easy to read and use. Great product!!" —an honest reviewer

    "Love the 8-cup! Our hummus and slaw and salsa and dressing emulsifications have all been delicious and easy." —joey d

    Do you have a baby? You can easily make baby food in a food processor, which saves you crazy money AND lets you know exactly what's going in your baby's precious tummy.

    Crystal Hatch / Via

    Here are some useful tips for making your own baby food and a roundup of Tasty's baby food recipes for some inspo!

    "I bought this to make baby food and am very happy with it!! It is a little bigger than expected but really gets the job done well! Would recommend to other mamas!" —Sandy

    "I bought this for my sister and she loves it. She mainly uses it for creating baby food for her little ones. It handles everything she's thrown at it, from stewed carrots to chopping nuts." —Cswdodge

    TL;DR: This Cuisinart processor can do it all. It saves you money when you're in a DIY mood and can literally *chop* prep time in half. I would hug this thing if it weren't full of knives!


    Jk, I'll lovingly embrace it anyway! Get it from Amazon for $67.55.

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    The reviews in this post have been edited for length and clarity.

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