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    27 Fun Kitchen Tools And Gadgets You Can Use With Your Kids

    All this fun is making me hungry.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    Remember to alway supervise your kids in the kitchen, check if products are age-appropriate for your child, and use your best judgement when choosing gadgets/kitchen tools to use with your kids!

    1. A dual breakfast-sandwich maker your kids will use to stack eggs, peppers, bacon, cheese, and tomato to create the greatest breakfast sandwich of all time.

    2. A spaghetti monster colander that's so cute, your kids might rock paper scissor to decide who gets to strain the spaghetti this time.

    3. And a Pastasaurus pasta server featuring the teeth we all need to stop making a ~tyrannosaurus wreck~ out of heavy fettuccine noodles.

    4. A set of three nylon knives with blunt tips so you can safely teach your little one the basics of cooking.

    5. A colorful 19-piece set of kitchen utensils for any young baker who wants to *sieve* the day.

    6. A set of fun animal-themed egg molds to instantly brighten up family breakfast. These are almost too precious to eat!

    7. An adorable mini waffle maker that'll make your kids say bye to frozen waffles forever.

    8. A monthly veggie buds subscription box reviewers swear by for helping their kids love veggies. It's full of recipes, growing projects, cooking activities, and more!

    9. A sushi bazooka and shark serving platter guaranteed to offer in~fin~ite delicious possibilities.

    10. A simple yet fun as heck salad spinner because I know I can't be the only (former) 11-year-old whose favorite way to help in the kitchen is spinning and spinning and spinning and spinning.

    11. A pair of two kid-friendly oven mitts you'll trust when the best chef you know wants to learn how to safely move pots and pans off the stovetop.

    12. And a whole set of oven mitts, an apron, and chef hat for kids so your child can look professional as they dust just a little too much flour into the baking pan.

    13. A set of six dry measuring cups worthy of nesting their way into your heart and your home. These will make learning the difference between measuring wet and dry ingredients extra memorable!

    14. A big blue strainer sure to make your kids say "*whale* shore, I can make my own pasta."

    15. A cupcake baking and decorating kit for any young The Great British Bake Off fans who are done dreaming of cake, and are ready to ~bake~ it happen.

    16. A three-piece cookie sheet and emoji cookie cutter set that'll give the whole family the giggles as they create 💩cookies.

    17. A set of six stackable mixing bowls capable of putting a smile on a little chef's face — a rainbow-themed kitchen is every kid's dream!

    18. A small but mighty piggy wiggy whisk whose name itself is fun to say, so just imagine how much more fun making brownie sundaes shall be with this friend.

    19. A dino taco holder perfect for encouraging dino-obsessed kiddos to make their very first tacos. This particular dino looks like an omnomnom ivore to me 🤔.

    20. A set of *purfect* measuring spoons and *pawsome* measuring cups just looking at will get the whole fam ~feline~ hungry and inspired.

    21. A set of two festive llama kitchen towels that basically scream "we chef it up every day of the week, noprobllama."

    22. An herb stripper and catcher specially designed to strip the good parts of the herbs, and an herb infuser the kids won't be too *chicken* to slip into a pot of homemade soup.

    23. A ~gracula~ garlic twist ideal for making garlic bread a tad more imaginative.

    24. A classic ice pop mold (that also comes in fun varieties) you can count for young kiddos to use themselves!

    25. A compact popcorn maker over 11K people swear by, so I'm pretty sure your child shall have an a-maize-ing time experimenting with new flavors of their fav. snack.

    26. A set of expandable rotating forks that'll put 34 inches of space between the kids and the campfire as they roast up marshmallows/hot dogs.

    27. And a Pikachu cake mold meant to easily bake and release a delightful cake. Your little baker won't be able to help taking a ~pika~ this babe as it bakes in the oven.

    Your kid whipping up that Pikachu cake like a champion:

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