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    45 Of The Best Kitchen Tools, Accessories, And Gadgets You Can Get On Amazon

    Can you make it through this post without drooling? Doubt it.

    1. A three-in-one avocado slicer for a functional way to split, pit, and slice nature's butter.

    2. An air fryer to transform your fave foods into fried food, without all the yucky grease and oil.

    3. A sous vide precision cooker that'll make restaurant-quality meals an every day occurrence in your home — we're sure your friends and family will give you a five-star rating.

    4. A four-pack of plastic cutting boards for ensuring each ingredient has a designated place for prepping, because we don't cross-contaminate in this house.

    5. A KitchenAid stand mixer to help you in your quest to make ALLLLLLLL the delicious baked goods. This baby will last you a long time, so it's VERY much worth the investment, trust us.

    6. Reusable silicone baking cups that'll be honored and excited to mold and hold together your cupcakes and muffins — not to mention make them look v colorful and pretty.

    7. A microwave omelette maker for when you really, really, REALLY want a filling, tasty omelette for brekkie, but have zero time to stand over the stove top waiting for the eggs to cook.

    8. A seven-blade spiralizer to transform your boring ol' veggies into delicious PASTA — whip together in a saucepan with some marinara sauce, and voila!

    9. A breakfast sandwich maker that'll allow you to enjoy a scrumptious breakfast that's perfect to bring on-the-go — without sitting in line at the McDonald's drive-thru.

    10. A can opener for simply opening cans of soup, veggies, tuna, etc., because it would be sorta pointless buying cans of food if you can't open them, ya know?!

    11. A digital scale to ensure you're measuring the proper quantity of ingredients, because the wrong amount can often make or break your whole recipe.

    12. A cast-iron skillet that'll proudly sauté, sear, and fry your breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and everything in between!

    13. A set of stainless steel measuring cups and spoons for getting the exact amount of dry ingredients every. single. time.

    14. A salad spinner to quickly clean your greens, so you can use them to make creative and yummy salads, or any other dishes you plan on using lettuce in!

    15. A microwave pasta cooker that'll give you even MORE of a reason to eat a giant bowl of noodles. (Not like you needed one, because I mean who needs an excuse to eat pasta??)

    16. A three-piece glass mixing bowl set for combining your ingredients before they eventually come to life in a beautiful, mystical way.

    17. A four-pack of silicone food savers to preserve the freshness of unused produce or seal opened jars, because it would be sad if you were forced into throwing away food because it spoiled before you had a chance to eat it.

    18. A grease splatter screen that'll keep your face, hands, and clothes protected from the unwanted and painful hot splatter that occurs pretty much whenever you're just trying to cook something delicious, damnit.

    19. An Instant Pot for making a variety of foods like rice, yogurt, and slow cooker creations without needing to stand around and wait over a stove.

    20. A heavy-duty veggie chopper to take your cooking-prep game to the next level — so the only crying you'll find yourself doing will be over how happy you are you don't have to cut the onions yourself.

    21. A two-pack of silicone baking mats that'll provide a nonstick surface for your next batch of baked goods, so you can enjoy the entire cookie yourself (not share it with the pan).

    22. A Ninja blender for whipping up delicious smoothies, or even margaritas or daiquiris if you're 21+ (virgin versions if you're not of legal drinking age yet, of course). The possibilities are endless!

    23. A dessert decorating tool to upgrade your baked-goods game. Did you make that or get it at the fancy bakery down the street?

    24. A rapid egg cooker that'll quickly yield yummy eggs in your favorite style — scrambled? Check. Soft boiled? Check. Omelet? Check. Poached? Check. Hard boiled? Check? Need this immediately? Check.

    25. A microwave rice cooker for whipping up rice easily and efficiently, because everyone knows any meal isn't complete until it has rice!

    26. A 12-piece knife set to cut through all of your food like cutting through air — honestly! These gorgine babies are actually hella powerful so BE CAREFUL!

    27. A cold-brew maker that'll yield the most tasty, iced caffeinated treat — it's a must if you're anything like me and think of coffee as your lifeline.

    28. A pizza cutter wheel for a clean cut slice of goodness, because apparently picking up the entire pie and devouring it is frowned upon.

    29. A mini griddle to cook up mouthwatering meals like pancakes, eggs, grilled cheese, and more.

    30. A cauliflower prep tool that'll help you chop off the stalk of not only cauliflower, but also broccoli and other veggies so you can be on your merry little way toward making something drool-worthy.

    31. A cooling rack for giving your baked goods some much-needed space to take a chill before you eat them. It was hot in the oven, damnit, and they deserve a breather.

    32. A waffle-stick maker to test the scientific findings that waffles taste infinitely better when they're in stick form.

    33. A potato brush featuring an eye remover that'll clean and prep your potatoes before it's time to turn them into baked potatoes, mashed potatoes, or...wait for it...FRENCH FRIES.

    34. A corn stripper so you can easily get the kernels off the cob, whether for use in salads or just eating plain. (It's especially convenient for people with braces!)

    35. A swivel peeler that'll defeat half the battle when it comes to chowing down on fresh produce — getting rid of the skin. Now you have no excuses!

    36. A digital meat thermometer to get a fast, accurate, and easy-to-see temperature reading so you know if your dinner is ready to be eaten or needs a lil' more time in the oven.

    37. A whale strainer for getting water out of the pot while keeping pasta in — and this can do so pretty whale.

    38. A 42-piece cake decorating kit to make your baked treats look as good as they taste.

    39. A pair of claws for shredding your meat in a less messy way, because shredded meat, by default, just tastes better than any other kind of meat. Don't @ me on this.

    40. A garlic peeling/mincing/crushing set to ensure adding garlicky goodness to all of your dishes is not just easier, but basically a requirement.

    41. A five-in-one tool that'll act as a slotted spoon, a solid spoon, a spatula, a turner, and a cutting tool, because we stan a multipurpose tool under $10.

    42. A sushi-making kit for making your own creations in the comfort of your own kitchen — just think of all the fun combos you can whip up!

    43. An egg cracker/separator to ease the task of getting the yolks and whites out of the egg and separating the two.

    44. A citrus juice presser that'll help extract every last drop of juice from fruits.

    45. An apple slicer/corer to turn your big, juicy apple into the most delicious form — slices, DUH.

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