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    54 Things That May Solve 2021 Problems Before They Can Start

    Why didn't you have these earlier? No worries. The past is the past. 😘

    1. A dream balm crafted with calming herbs and essential oils to help you enjoy a restful sleep.

    A Dream Balm in a round purple container

    2. OR wireless sleep headphones that'll play white noise or whatever music you'd like to catch some ZZZs to — all inside a headband that'll fit comfortably around you so your ears don't get sore and you won't have to lay in a weird position to fall asleep.

    3. A set of positive affirmation cards — to help you speak life into yourself during "woosah" moments that'll inevitably come.

    the cards laying flat beside the card box

    4. A BREAD Beauty Curly Essentials Kit that'll basically give you your whole wash day in a box. No more worrying about how products pieced from different brands will work together. 'Sall in the box, curlfriends!

    two packets of conditioner and shampoo, a glass bottle of oil, and a large white scrunchie

    5. NordVPN web security to protect your data so your browsing history remains your business and no one else's. It'll also prevent pop-ups, autoplay video ads (annoyingggg), phishing sites, and botnets, oh my!

    6. A proper raincoat so soggy days won't impede on your street style icon goals. It's designed like a regular longline jacket but will keep you dry and fine.

    7. An Everyday Plate subscription because one of the major kitchen lessons of 2020 was that being home ~Everyday~ doesn't mean you'll have more energy to plan and cook meals ~Everyday~. Enter, a food service that'll send ingredients for full, quick-to-fix meals. YOU DESERVE.

    glazed chicken breast on top of rice with chives sprinkled on top of it all, roasted carrots on the side, and a model squeezing a lime over the plate

    8. A car trunk organizer so you no longer have to wade through a pile of your stuff just to get to the ~one~ thing you need in your trunk.

    a canvas rectangular organizer with different square compartments in it full of different things in the trunk of someone's car

    9. A lint roller to keep the dog hair and dust in check. Lint rollers are definitely one of those things you never have, end up needing, promise yourself you'll get, and then never do. So this is your reminder: Get it now. Get two — one for home and one for the car so you stop looking like you've been rolling around in pet hair.

    a black lint roller and four lint rolls

    10. A Turbie Twist towel and silk pillowcase set so you can towel-dry your hair without causing breakage or frizz AND get your beauty sleep without having to wrap your hair.

    11. Affirmative wall art to hang out with the kid in your life who may need a confidence boost at any point in 2021. Whether it be school, home, or whatever else — you'll already have this up to remind them just how great they truly are.

    12. A silverware sorter so you can finally get all the drawer space back that you've been wasting.

    a rectangular sorter with silverware in it

    13. A Period Bundle Gift Box to treat yourself and/or any of your period-having loved ones to things that make a menstrual cycle a smoother experience. You deserve. They deserve.

    14. Foaming sex toy cleaner so you don't have any, er, problems down yonder due to an unclean toy. This cleaner is alcohol-, glycerin-, and paraben-free.

    bottle of cleaner

    15. A hanger stacker that'll turn laundry day into such a quick breeze because be honest, washing clothes is the easy part. Not leaving your clean clothes unsorted on the bed for three days is what you need more support with. Consider this stacker your new support since you'll be able to hang everything up in a snap now that you'll actually be able to find hangers without the task of untangling them.

    16. Jeffrey Campbell Hurricane Waterproof Boots so when it rains, you can slip into these cuties without having to compromise your fly outfit with those regular rubber clunkers. Yep, this is the grownup way to splash in puddles when it pours.

    17. Headrest hooks that'll ensure your purse and other bags stay put as you (whoops!) speed your way to work and other gotta-be-there-soon places. This is great for helping you locate bags easily while you're at the wheel but also for preventing them from falling over and dumping the contents all over your floor.

    black plastic hook around the stem of a car headrest with the handle of a bag hanging from it

    18. A dishwasher magnet so you can get ahead of the "Are they clean or are they not?" conversation in your household and prevent dirty dishes from making their way back into your cabinets.

    octagon-shaped magneet that says "dirty" on top and "clean" on the bottom to flip for whatever is appropriate

    19. A bag-organizing insert for anyone who's as tired of digging into their black hole of a purse as I am and needs to literally get their stuff together, immediately. You and I can ~finally~ find what we're looking for without feeling like Mary Poppins.

    20. A golden sloth hook so you can store your keys in a designated, easy-to-spot place and skip over that panic-filled morning search just before you have to leave. Also, this hook makes for ADORABLE decor and is strong enough to hold light bags, scarves, and more.

    golden sloth hook with one of the sloth arms hanging down and holding a pair of keys

    21. A sunrise alarm clock to help you wake up on the right side of the bed every single day. The clock has a sunrise stimulation wake-up setting that gradually increases its light similar to a real morning sunrise so you wake up naturally instead of being jolted by a janky alarm sound. It also works reversibly for creating a sunset when you're ready for bed!

    22. Miracle-Gro indoor plant food spikes so you never have to worry about ~forgetting~ to feed your plants again. Translation: You'll complete the final phase of actually becoming your mother. Just pop these sticks into the soil of your hungry plants and watch them flourish!

    23. A deep pocket sheet set to end all the worries about a corner or two popping up while you're catching ZZZs. These sheets fit mattresses up to 24 inches deep (!!!) and come with four pillowcases.

    stack of beige sheets

    24. Light-dimming stickers that'll prevent the blinking lights on all of your electronics from keeping you awake at night now that you're committed to getting every single drop of sleep you deserve. Also, yes, you can use it to cover up the camera on your laptop if you're like me and think the government is probably, definitely watching your every move.

    25. A Book of the Month subscription so bookworms will never have to feel that empty feeling that comes when you've wrapped up a book, loved it to pieces, and then realize you have nothing else to read. Book of the Month will bring the books straight to your door and send you five new books every month. You get to keep and pay for your faves.

    stack of books

    26. Divider sticky notes to better organize the thoughts you jot down in your journal, planner, or diary. You could also use them to take notes and bookmark pages in textbooks without damaging the books by actually writing and/or highlighting in them.

    27. A moon lamp for anyone who shamelessly still needs a night light but wants a way more cool-looking one. This light resembles an actual factual moon that'll give you the comforting room glow you love in a really cute, grownup way.

    circular light glowing that looks like a mini-moon sitting on a wooden stand

    28. A tote and wristlet set that'll also give you two bags in one since you can reverse the tote any time you want to show off another color. The bag has a straightforward design and neutral colors so you'll never be without a bag that'll match every outfit in your wardrobe.

    29. A kitchen knife sharpener so you can refresh your knives as they dull over time and do the most adult thing of adult things to do which is, duh, to save some MONAYYYYYY.

    red knife sharpener with two slots with metal inside for sharpening knifes

    30. A three-piece produce-saving container set that'll make your fruits and veggies last much longer in the fridge. No more spending your hard-earned duckets on fruit just for it to go bad before you actually get to enjoy it.

    left side shows a fresh strawberry after being in a produce saver for a week and the right shows a shriveled strawberry after being in the fridge outside of a produce saver for a week

    31. A handmade eyeglasses holder because you've been doing the I-can't-find-my-glasses routine for way too long. This year, you'll minimize the lost spectacles drama by perching them on this polished wooden sniffer.

    eyeglasses on top of nose-shaped wooden stand

    32. Reusable grocery bags that'll actually hold up under the weight of your groceries without tearing to shreds and sending your stuff flying all over the grocery store floor or parking lot.

    33. Silicone baking mat sheets so throwing cookies, rolls, and other tasty things into the oven can be a quick, non-messy situation your belly will be so grateful for. There will be more tasty morsels going into your mouth and less of it boiling over and sticking to the bottom of the pan, or worse, the bottom of your oven.

    two baking mats

    34. Schick Silk Touch-Up Dermaplaning Tools that'll remove peach fuzz, help shape brows, and remove dead skin cells that interfere with your smooth skin goals with a simple, careful flick of your wrist.

    35. A can colander for straining your canned foods ~without~ losing one pea, piece of corn, or any other scrumptious thing down the drain with the excess juice. Just snap it on the can and get to pouring. The process is quick and the colander is dishwasher-friendly!

    36. A car sauce holder so you can stop trying to knee-finesse your car while you gobble up chicken nuggets. No more swerving in the name of dunking.

    the sauce dipper attached to the vent in the car and a reviewer's hand dumping a crispy chicken tender into a pack of sauce sitting in it

    37. A Crock-Pot food warmer to make sure you enjoy hot food from home even when you're super busy and don't even want to leave your workspace for lunch. No more hot food going cold and getting you all hangry.

    38. A maze feeder that'll make mealtime way more fun and stimulating for your pets and force them to slow the heck down instead of practically inhaling the food and risking choking.

    a small teal dog bowl with ridges in it that turn it into a puzzle of sorts with a dog dipping its mouth in it to eat

    39. Animal bag clips to close up your snack bags so they'll be fresh whenever you're ready to pick up where you left off. They come in a six-piece set of adorable hedgehogs and foxes.